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I’ve been broken down and restored
Set back
Been attacked since the day I was conceived inside my mother’s womb
Attacked by gallons of liquor bottles,
Making me kick within my mother’s belly,
Choked by my birth father before I was born
Because the child that I was, I was inside of her
So I felt what she went through
As the telephone wrapped around her neck it wrapped around mines,
Pushed out of the window
Blood her blood
Almost killed but not dead yet because she landed on her back and not her belly,
She laid there,
My unborn body wanting to help her,
I felt the same pain as she did,
Mommy are you ok?
She can’t hear me because I’m not born yet
Still within my mommy laying in the hospital bed thinking the same thoughts as she thought,
Mommy you were attacked tell somebody don’t hide a damaged spine,
You didn’t trip out of a two story window,
I could have died mommy
I’m not an infant yet but I’m being attacked like I’m born already

That amazing prayer I said within the womb made me become stronger,
I came out being sexually abused as an infant by my own blood
What?? Oh yes there’s more attacked over one hundred times
I stopped counting,
Attack, Attack me?
Why I lord? Why me Why?
But the whole entire time I had faith,
Always prayed pictured another day
I prayed God I believe in you,
Just help me stay strong,
Tried attacking myself
But the lord didn’t let me
Because, said he loved me each time I tried to slice my wrist,
He would tell me how much I meant to him that he loved me
And that’s all I needed to hear was those words “Angel I love you,
I’m always listening to your cries….
God always listened to me!!!!!!!
And was there when I needed him,
Attacked even more after that but loved through it all
He implanted this dove inside my heart
To help me fly out of those attacks regardless of what happen to me
Jesus it hurts, it burns, it bleeds, and it drains away my skin covered heart
But you’re inside my heart
To help me get through these attacks
How am I still breathing just let me go
Let me go, let me go
God I pray that you help me please
Shattering like glass is not a good feeling and I felt that way man
Step by step my speed began increase faster and faster I ran
I almost got to the main street,
But he got me, I couldn’t scream, trying not to look at his face
Look at me!!!!!!!! Look at me!!!!
I just stared into the sky praying God please help me help me… Please...
How am I still alive and healthy from those?
Wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t sent to the store at 12am
Some people are sick
Father please forgive him for he does not know what he has done.
Ran and cried with almost bloody eyes,
But tears were gone before I entered my home
It burned it burned so badly I kept faith throughout them bloody tears all that pain
But I didn’t give up……
That strength is what lets me stand today



I am healed from my tormented past

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