[Understand, this is not right]


Understand, this is not right.
Listen, hear me warn you.
This is not a fair fight.
You will fail, win, lose.

You are there, desperate,
Lost in the spirals, the pits,
Heavy hearts, a bound spirit,
You want a steady ship.

Ignore those damned voices.
Stay away from their music.
They'll cloud your choices.
And make you fall harder.

Open your cloudy eyes- See!
Just do something else. Exist!
Just breathe. Just be.
Don't do it. Don't. Please.

Trust me, hear me out.
Don't indulge those voices.
Fight them hard. Shout!
Do it all. Give it all.

Just do not give in.
I don't want you trapped
in this battle, never to win.
You need to survive.

I don't want you here with me.
I want you alive, flying,



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