Dear Mrs. Grouch


Dear Mrs. Grouch,

How you make me want to scream.

We do the same old crap each and every day.

Don't you  think we know you are busy,

But don't you think we need your help?

Turn off that old dead music,

And come answer my question.

If I hold my hand up for one more minute,

with no response not even a glance,

I swear that I will go insane.

Mrs. Grouch you drive me crazy.

With your big glasses and refusal of hearing.

No mam' I didn't say a thing,

Just whispering under my breath how you drive me insane.

I'm here to learn,

I'm in need of your help.

My teacher dearest,

Mrs. Grouch.

I want to learn and I want to succeed.

Yet I can't do this alone,

Don't you see.

Dear Mrs. Grouch,

Please just come help me.


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