Counselor: How bout we start by you telling be about yourself

ME:  *sigh*

So where do it start?

Should I talk about how I jeopardized “my life” to be at a place that was to

Make me, break me and/or set me apart.

Or should I talk about how I became who I am

But yet I feel as if I’m being scammed.

Scammed of my life, my culture, my inner me.

But when I sit back and complain most people say how can you be

So ungrateful, so unsatisfied when you used to be stuck in a dead tree…

With no twigs, no branches, no leaves

But in my eyes the tree was still lively.

See, even though I was dead I was still standing

So there was a chance of being born again

Depending on my type, my environment

Whether my branch will become branches


Should I tell you...? Should you listen? Will you listen?

Counselor: ............ Yes



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