dark room


frizzy fibers enter my nails,

anticipation sets in


the bird is hungry


ears open,

one sound,

the bird is fluttering


looking for predators,

none in sight,

the bird is in the clear


TV blaring,

the bird enters the nest


feeding time


TV is off,

no sound


perched watching me lay asleep,

this bird is mistaken,

my senses are alive

i am in no slumber


delicate feathers lay on my thigh


my eyes squeeze tighter,

i must not scare this bird away

it will know i am awake


the bird dances along my legs,

tracing my scars

feeling every pore



hunger is driving this bird wild,

no clear thoughts,


taking what it wants,

feeding it’s hunger till it’s bored


i can’t stop it’s feeding,

i must lay limp

must stay still

must remain calm





the wings don’t slow down



it’s tail feathers are ruffled





the bird begins to fly away


that bird is the most dangerous,

coming-out only in the night


preying on the easily accessible


i have no bravery to try and cage it



no one believes i have encountered you

no one believes i have fed you



i have no bravery to shoo you away


your wings are powerful



i have no strength compared


until next feeding session 

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little finch

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