To Be Forever Alone

I'm so confused

The hurt inside me is so surreal

I can't escape it

It just follows me constantly

Growing, growing

I feel myself suffocating

I just want to be good enough

Isn't my happiness enough for you?

I can't help but feel alone

Noone to talk to

Noone to comfort me

I'm forever alone

The darkness is overpowering

I'm sinking, sinking

Sinking into despair and nothingness

Will I ever escape?

Will I ever make it out alive?

Oh, it hurts so bad

Can't anyone take the pain away?

Will it ever diminish?

I can't take it anymore

The bickering sends my head whirling

My stomach clenches at every move

I don't want to be afraid

I don't want to be walking on egg shells

I just want to be accepted

To be someone

To be something

Will it ever stop?

The constant down talking

The constant disapproving eyes

I just want you to accept me for me

To make the loneliness go away

Yet, every night it swallows me up

It devours my soul and makes me lifeless

You said you'd always love me

No matter what...

I just want to live again

Please, make it stop


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