Before It's Too Late


United States
29° 49' 33.6648" N, 95° 45' 3.7728" W

Take me away from here.
Take all my fears and let me watch them disappear.
You better hurry.
Take all the unnatural scars on my body and recreate them into untouched skin.
Please remove them before the creation of new ones begin.
It's a deadly addiction caused by endless tension.
I swear to you it's not for attention.
Not always very helpful, but indeed real.
Don't you dare look past it.
Open your eyes and try to prevent it!
All of my triggers are made out of dulled out glitter.
And if they don't go away and problems further escalate,
There may be a real trigger pointed at me ready to be fired any second
And the blame of the potential outcome forever on you.


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