If I Were A Writer


I wish I were many things, 

but to be many things

I would need to be a writer.

A writer creates what they want to see and feel.

A writer creates a whole new world around themselves.

A writer is brave

safe in their mind

and uncontrolled

A writer has the power to change and alter

A writer inspires its readers

far beyond words

beyond comprehension

one would have to read to understand

If I were a writer, I would choose my own destination

I would re-write my own story

I would re-write the grounds on which I stand

If I were a writer I would make up my own world

I would save the day

I would be anything

I would be everything

I could DO anything

I wish I were many things

able to do anything

but to be many things

and do many things

I would have to be a writer


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