Struggle For A Living


United States
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Need somewhere to go
Don't have anyone around
Praying someone's searching
Hoping you'll be found

Need someone to care for you
Can't do it on your own
Looking for support
Because you're feeling so alone

Hardly any clothes on your back
Living on the street
Digging up in trash cans
Trying find something to eat

People giving rude remarks
Taking pity on you
Feel so segregated
And there's nothing you can do

Barefoot, dirty, and hurt
Memories are all that's left
Need to make some money
Getting away with theft

Your poor little soul's been abandoned
All your friends have gone
Family's not a resource
Cause the rest of them moved on

Now you're by yourself
Unemployed and sick
Only a miracle can save you
Wishing you knew that magic trick

Many people look down on you
Wish they would be forgiving
Don't know how to do anything
But struggle for a living



this is nice, it kinda describes my life :/


Thank you, but hey stay up. (:
If things are bad, just try to look ahead to the future, I know it must get sickening to hear that things will get better, but they will, and when they do, try to learn to appreciate every single moment possible! Do NOT lose hope.

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