What it is like to Love Someone Suffering

Don't forget to take your medicine; because I love you.

Talk to me about how you're feeling; because I love you.

Are you having a rough day? I promise you'll be okay.

Just lay with me for now. Because I love you.


You can't get out of bed today?

You're tired but you can't sleep?

Your fingers won't stop shaking and you don't feel anymore?

Please - don't forget to take your medicine; because I love you.


I want to give you happiness; because I love you.

I want to be the light in a dark place; because I love you.

But you're subconsciously pushing me away; even though you know I love you.


I miss you now

I miss knowing you're okay

I miss telling you I love you


Please - come back to me

Please - I just want to helo

Please - I don't forget to take your medicine; because I love you



This poem is about: 
Our world



this poem was inspired by my best friend who has suffered from depression and

anxiety for the last six years

She'd go through phases where we were always together, because I was a sense of

love and light, or sometimes she would push me away without even knowing it.

And I love her through all of her days and she'll always be my best friend

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