Feeling Alive

Sat, 11/15/2014 - 09:16 -- Usa33i


The feeling of depression bogs you down,

all the negatives are collapsing over and over again.

No one is there, and no one can help,

No one knows you, and you are all alone.

is that really the case? To take your life for nasty names?

Cut your neck for space? Fall into some worthless games?

Everyone has a purpose, everyone has a reason,

watch the finer things in life, you aren't up for treason.

They say you'll never make it, they'll spit their ignorance at your face.

yet you'd stuff some pills into your throat like dying is a race....

They say hold on till may- they say you've lost it all,

yet are they the ones who pick you up when you fall?

You are never alone, so put down the rope and don't make a fuss.

The mundane are scary/ when you realize the monsters are us.

Hold your head high, you have nothing to lose.

Don't let the world suck the life out of you!

Never look back, stay for a while.

You are the best, so just wear your smile.

So put down the knife, back up up from the edge, and live for today,

tomorrow is coming, and your feeling alive, Darling you'll be okay.



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