Silent Survivors

bands and bangles
hide your mangled
flesh that fears  a blade of steel

you sliced your self so you could feel
a tinge more tangible
in a world surreal

the words of those around you
become a blustering blur
nothing makes sense
in the hissing and the whirr
of the constant conversation
you pray for emancipation
from a place you once called home.

Daddy’s gone
Mama’s crying
brothers flee the house
they aren’t trying
they’re whining
sister is prying
open the closet to see the skeletons
when truly she was in search for presents

Holidays aren’t easy for a family torn in two
yet the girl with the pen and paper knows what to do

Instead of decking the halls
or decking their heads
with the crystal balls
once strung from threads
she sits silently staring at the fire
toes curled from the cold
and prays for her heart to thaw

But it took bitter times like these to make her realize
that the only way to wade through the lies
was to take up her pen and paper
and escape the wintery demise.


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