Just Listen


Please listen to me as I speak, I speak truth, I speak wisdom to you, hear me now as I say you are more 

to God than anyone today. Look up in the night sky, do you see those stars? God loves you more than each

He sees your hurts and sees your tears, but girl, don't lean on people, go to God first! He will heal your hurts

and the people that caused you pain, God's love is more powerful than you could gain. Please listen to me

read my lips, God's love for you does exist! Though it's hard to see, you gotta open your eyes, 

so he can drastically change your life. Grab hold of him, he won't let you go, please understand 

his grace overflows! Please hear me to what I am saying, God's love is definitely not fibbing. So go to him, because

he understands, you are his daughter, he's got great great plans! I will be with you every step of the way, but,

to live for him you gotta change! So go see God, your father in heaven, he will help you get back on track, from

everything that has happened. I know your hurts, I know your pains, but God is the only one who can heal you first. 


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