LET GO!!! yells my brain

my heart still just hangs on to that one little strings

my hands left with tears and blood dripping from the wounds

but still I clinge tightly

still I think I can make it better

still I say NO

these wounds will heal

these blood cleans up

I want her to know that I never gave up

I was here all along

in the dark and the gray

I was here in the silence as she tried to slip away

I was here when she thought the world was passing her by

I was here as she sat in her shower and cried



I watched as the tears stained her face

I sat there holding her in a silent embrace

It is not the final hour, it is just this part that is over

but still she tried to end it

and still I tried to contend with it

I prayed with every fiber, with ever breath with my very soul

Just please let her see even the faintest glimmer below

Let her feel your love through me Lord

Help me as I hold her up

Let her see the sun rise

Let her fill her cup

I will walk her blood stained body up the aisle of this life

I will help her see the truth and love within your light

I will be her guardian angel, every child of God deserves one

Please oh please just let her know she has too has been chosen.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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