This pain that built up inside me,

The screaming that shook me to my core.

Took ahold of what i could see, 

Till I didn't know what was what anymore. 

And there you were being you, 

As my salvation, my good morning everyday.

You always gave me advice on what to do, 

What was right and wrong, or what to say. 

Making my rain days end with rainbows, 

My cloudy, dark skies clear with sunshine. 

This sounds so gushy, I know, 

But you always make me happy even if you're not mine. 

I'm thankful for your reassurance and your guidance,

Upon the subsidence that lies above my hollow thoughts.  



Maybe I just keep rambling, 

About the probelms you've helped me faced. 

Seeing parts of me that no one knew, 

None could even fathom, only to be disgraced.

You always saw the good in me,

No matter what I did.

You see something in me, 

Something I could never see.

I'll miss you if we depart, 

 But for now we're okay.

You're so close, but you're miles away,

And that's fine, you still have a part.

In my life, I'm thankful you are here,

Talking to me and making me feel worthy.

Even through the anger and tears,







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