Don't Chase Me


330 Holly Street
United States
44° 13' 0.8832" N, 123° 12' 11.484" W

I've wandered into the morbid side of life and I don't plan on coming back.

You can chase me all you want, but you'll just get hurt in this dark place.

It kills anything positive.

But I don't have to worry,

  because all my goodness has disappeared.

I don't want my journey to disrupt your life.

You've got things going for you.

You say the same for me,

  but you're wrong.

No matter how much effort I put forth,

it appears I'm a perpetual disappointment.

So what's the point in trying?


I like these Woods of Dispair

  because no one's ever upset with me here.

No one ever tells me that I've fucked up once again.

They don't chase me with fire-hot pitchforks anymore,

because they're too afraid to venture where I've gone.

No more responsibilities or mindless obligations.

This is the place for me, but not for you.

So, Darling,

don't ruin what you have just to chase me


another lost cause.


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