The Bystander


The Bystander


I called, but there was no reply.
So, don't you get mad at me
When you don't get to hear me cry.


I did everything I could to make it stop
But the weight of everything was too much for me to carry.
And there--the silence--made my heart drop
As the darkness consumed everything inside of me.


Fear devoured me as I was left on my own
The unknown was creeping within the shadows
Heavy breathing down my neck, whispering--telling me I wasn't alone.
I could feel the emptiness of their hearts, so shallow. 
My presence was inviting them to follow
To bathe in my sorrow
To indulge themselves in a heart so hollow.


There was little to no light to be seen
The starless night was the only thing they knew. 
This place was filled with anger, pain, and regret--or so it seemed
With everything dissintigrating--falling apart--where lives were very few. 


I could hear a tapping against the pavement, perhaps, the clicking of heels
I stared blindly, but my mind races as the sound grew closer.
Its spirit overwhelmed me; the pressure was all too real.
Its tongue licked its teeth as it grimaced; I tried to retain my composure
But its hunger for flesh was all I could feel.


Your shouts echoes throughout the menacing streets
A sigh of relief escaped my lips
However, caught off guard, I was knocked to my feet
I gasped, I struggled, I reached out to you with my fingertips.


You cowardly shied away, speechless.
You listened to my shrieking cries
You stood there as my body laid in pieces
Anticipating for my life to slip by.


My eyes turned cold, empy, and dark
The shadows gradually slipping away
Blood droples--flesh shredded apart
A beautiful mess, up for display.


You knelt down into the pool of blood
As my head rested in your hands
You did everything you could
You begged, you sobbed, hoping to understand.


Scrambling to your feet, the rain began to fall
I was just another life wasted without a sound
Fear consumed you; there was nothing you could do, nothing at all.
Instead, you became yet another victim with no escape to be found.


But the next time you call, there will be no reply
So, don't you get mad at me
When you were the one who watched me die.


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