Dragon Slugs


Dragon Slugs

Shakespeare said expectation is the cause of all heartache that’s just simply not true

There is no cause of heartache; it is truly unavoidable, expectations or not

Love will always be there and with love comes heartache, and with heartache there is a dragon slug

A dragon slug so beautiful in the eyes of everyone else, but to itself it’s just another slimy slug

The dragon slug will slowly make its way from your brain to your heart

And once it reaches its destination all cynicism is put behind you

Mountains turn to speed bumps, barricades to gates and walls to windows

While your head is in the clouds the dragon slug soars to bring you back down to earth

Keeping your body grounded but your hopes still high in the sky

Because your hopes of you too becoming a dragon slug in your dragon slug’s eyes are lofty at best

And isn’t it a shame, we spend so much time trying to become something we already are

Everyone is someone’s dragon slug

We are all just fooled by the reflection we see in the mirror every morning

We can’t help it, it’s in our nature I do it myself

I’m dorky, lame, a loser, scrawny, unfunny, a fool, not to mention I write poetry

And I am a dragon slug, slowly moving towards the person who thinks I am one

Someone who has the audacity to believe a slimy slug is one worth loving

Because there is no cause for heartache, but there’s a million and one reasons to love

All of which can be seen when you look in the mirror and see yourself for what you are

A Dragon Slug




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