Febrile Earth

The earth she has a fever

And a nasty cough and sneeze

The fear of every planet

A human-like disease


They spread across her surface

Removing all her trees

Polluting their own oxygen

To bring them to their knees


The earth she has a fever

And the experts all agree

That if we do not help her soon

She’ll drown us in the seas


For like the human body

The earth fights back when sick

And gets a burning fever

A very handy trick


The world gets hot and hotter

Til the pathogens are gone

Til the world can start anew

And wake up to a new dawn


So to all my friends and family

We still have time to change

To save our dying planet

Every sea and mountain range


But we’ll have to work together

Til our last exhausted breath

For if we don’t do something soon

We’ll witness our own death

This poem is about: 
Our world


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