Tue, 11/02/2021 - 13:37 -- A.Lukas

Nobody notices me

I feel like a ghost

They assume that I'm fine

Though I'm worse off than most


I'm not even sure

If I'm dead or alive

I not really living

I just want to survive


Some days are better

And some days are worse

But most days I'm wondering

If I have any worth


When I see people laughing

And having some fun

All I want to do

Is scream, cry, and run


People talk down to me

Every single day

And inside it fills me

With self loathing and hate


So that's why I'm lonely

No real friends for me

I try to open up

But feel like a phony


When asked why I sit

In a corner alone

I tell them I'm waiting

Then look down at my phone


Pretending is easy

It comes naturally to me

And that's why so many

Think I'm strong and happy


It's not always fun

To be someone else

But I don't know who I am

So I can't be myself


All in all I'm not me

But a ghost

Invisible always

And if I'm not I'm close



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Really good A. Lukas. X


This is a beautiful piece. I feel this poem, the pain that possibly went into writing this. 

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