Alone upon the wreckage,

Broken hearts on either side,

The dark distorted crater,

Where my last hope came and died.


The darkness all around me,

Not cut through by the light,

My solo isolation,

Trapped in unending night.


I know my own escape route,

Map check a thousand times,

But now the black it stalks me,

As I check for exit signs.


I don’t know what is out there,

It’s safer in this hole,

The one I see afore myself,

I’ll soon have lost control.


And as the night falls deeper,

My strength begins to wane,

I try to keep my head held high,

Soon to be dragged back again.


Its tendrils pull me closer,

Its claws they grip me tight,

The fear it rips straight through me,

As it strips me of my sight.


My senses leave my body,

My soul says goodbye too,

I try to fight the deadly fear,

But I just can’t without you.


In unity. I am weak.

Alone. I am weaker.

Now. I am weakest.

This poem is about: 
My family


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