I am your burden

The God you called out to that did not answer

They failed me for the final time

I came begging on my knees

Skin torn and bleeding

Having walked thousands and thousand of miles

But when I cried for help through my tears

My throat, so cracked and dry

Barely made a sound

But I know that you heard it loud and clear

And did you come to my aid? No.

You stood by and watched my body fail me

You saw the light leave my eyes

The color leave my face

The warmth leave my skin

All in front of you, and for what?

You didn't have time to help?

You didn't have the chance to reach out

And catch me before I fell lifeless to the ground?

I pleaded with you for my own life

And you didn't care

So I am taking back control

I tried to douse the fire within me

Now it will burn everything you love

I've done it before

I will do it again

I tried to calm the raging sea inside

Now I will watch the waves consume and drown you

I was supposed to be stopped

But not only did you fail me

But you failed everyone in my path

Now I am rage

Now I am revenge


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