Grey Skies


As the ocean draws in from a hard days work I stop and think of the ongoing state of things. The sun's rays strech out from the horizon giving the sky a firework of explosion. What has my life become? Where is it leading me? Cause even as the world shoots off the colors of a phoenix, I see a perpetual shade of grey hovering over me. But even in the dark, light shines through. The smallest faintest glimmer of hope becomes a beacon and evelops my every waking thought. The mind begins to unravel secrets long forgotten and emotions burst forth like never seen before. A heart once locked is released form it's prison. It's confies no longer bound, it sings for joy. But deep inside is a long rooted fear. Paradise can be gone in the blink of an eye. So I must treasure this moment untill sunrise fades to black.


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