Teach Me


Teach me
Tell me
Explain to me the significance of your system
An A, a B, C, D, F
Teach me the meaning of your system
minus ten, twenty, thirty
Teach me the meaning of it all.

Why is it so hard to understand?
Do you not see the gratitude masked under all the hate?
The "Fuck you"'s and "Go to hell"'s?
Is our maskarade of defiance that difficult to see through?

Then teach me
Teach me how to be me
Teach me to find myself 
To not listen to others burning opinions
To not be driven by their judgments,
Teach me to not fit in.

Show me what your system means
How is that A going to trully affect me?
Is it more than just getting called names?
Faggot? Nerd? Geek?
It seems that my hard work only brings pain.

Teach me that there is more
The world holds opportunities
That this facade of discipline and education
Isnt mearly the justification for the failure of my predecessors.

Teach me
Inspire me to be something greater
The drugs, sex, and alcohol aren't the answer
That the book I read was not a waste of time
That Shakespear isn't obnoxious
That I can aspire to be something
Teach me to be me.

Make me understand, 
As I plead on my knees 
Please teach me!
I ask not so that I can be better than others,
Or know more than others,
I ask;

Because teacher...

I need help.




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