Thank You, Poetry

Tue, 08/16/2016 - 13:29 -- Yeamah

When I fet like I could talk to no one,

You were there for me.

Through my troubling thoughts and feelings,

I could open up to you, Poetry. 


My smile always plastered across my face in public

I appeared to be content with life, I seemed fine

But inside I felt a sense of unhappiness

My smile truly a lie


My friends never saw tears emitted from my eyes

Those emitted tears only you saw

Those tears forever altering the paper upon which they fell

Fell upon the only place where my emotions could be raw 


Thank You, Poetry

For providing me with an outlet to release my thoughts

For getting me through times of sorrow

And allowing me to find the happiness I sought


Thank You, Poety

For allowing me to open up my overflowing bottle of emotions

Becasue of you, today I beam confidence inside and out

When it came to getting through hard times, you were my token.




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