Bottom of the Bottle

You came home late last night

I noticed not because I waited for you

but because when you're outside pounding on the door you were moaning your name

and when you're searching for the keys the rustles echoed in the night

and when you finally opened the door you stumbled into the lamp

Shattering it to pieces

maybe it's a sign

that you can't see the light anymore

but I still can

I guess you don't care

I mean you don't call me anymore

and you don't say where you going to be

you just say that I don't understand

but how can i if you don't share

you don't tell me what's wrong

but then you say that you can stop whenever you want to

but you don't want to

I want you to

Don't you see the hole you're digging yourself in

that your breath is a toxic fume contaminating my air

And that your head keeps drifting down and you struggle to pick it up to try to show me that you're ok

your eyes are slow to blink because they are tired of carrying all your baggage

And then you start to slur your words

I can't understand you

why do you do this

why do I do this

I don't stay up all night and put you to bed

and make you your food

just for you to do it all over again

No, I do it so you can feel better

so that tomorrow night you don't have to go back

so that we can get better

and things will be better

You don't need to stop all at once

Just one sip at a time is enough

Say that you will try

just let me know there is  hope

And stop searching for the answers at the bottom of the bottle


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