look what youve done by doing nothing

they found he razor in the shower today

because i forgot to take it out.

thye looked at me with dissipointed eyes today

but ppretentded they knew nothing about.


they heard me gagging in the bathroom today

i heard their feet outside the door

i know they knew what i was doing today

but still, about i i heard no more.


they found my siccors in my secret drawr today

they placed them on my bed

like a symbol for " i know what this is for" today

but the thoughts are still in my head


they saw the things i hadnt eaten today

i could see the confusion on their face

but they did not a thing about knowing today

and this is speeding to a riggorus pace.


they called me crazy, in need of help today

as my tears fell on the floor

they wonder where and why they went wrong, today

my heart, in haalf they tore.


i am alone, finally tonight

and ill show them what their silence has done

now theyll see who is crazy tonight

guess i wont see tomorrows sun.


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