Running numb
Blind to the path in front of her
Crushing everything she's been taught
It's not fair...
There's a prettier place where women can smile

She hides in the alley and doesn't get caught
She throws off her hijab
Her hair blows in the dirty wind
This is where a battle was fought

She runs to the fields of grass
Sweat trinkling down her face
She didn't notice
Staring into the stars she dreampt

Dreampt of a life where girls
Could dress with skin showing
Women became CEOs
An amazing change in life

She was not turning back
For goodness sake
The ramifications would be deadly
Instead she smiled and hummed the tune
To "Hey Jude"

She then blurted:
"I too will become a CEO"
"I won't be hidden under this headdress forever"
Empowered, she threw her hijab in the puddle near-by
"My name is now Daphne,
Daphne is a pretty name."


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