Keep Your Head High



They say the dark days are overBut they're like Demons' on your shoulder.Always there to lean on, to run back toConstantly trying to consume you, attack you.If you let them run your lifeThe happy Days you know so well are your sacrifice Keep your eyes on that light that is known to shine bright on the darkest nightsIf you sell your soul to the devil, don't expect it backJust know that happiness will continuously lackCausing your life to quickly run off track All the control you've ever had will slip through your fingers, between the cracks Spinning and swirling deep down into the firey pits of hell. Burning with envy of those above you No longer having anyone left to love or hold on to. You're life will change like the clouds in the skyAlways spinning, always shifting until you dieYour smile will tell the tale of your lie unwrapped and uncovered by the distress crying out within your eyes. Find yourself laying in your warm bed night after night still cold, hoping to die, but why?Because you gave in, you took the easy ride Instead of standing strong with friends, family and pride accompanying you by your side. Keep looking forward and believe me, you shall persevere Every day spent fighting, means another night clear.Everyday is a blessing and tomorrow's not promised.Stop living in yesterday and move forwardThis life is in your hands now go and explore it.


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