For them (and me)

For the man with a son

who still looks like a child himself.

he writes silly notes and always has candy in his pockets.

How can somebody so young have the eyes of an old man.


For the teacher in front of the class

stern and unwavering

who has the kindest soul behind the harsh words.

How can somebody so wonderful be so hated.


For the first boy I loved,

who's eyes were too dark for someone so young. 

He broke my heart more than once.

How can somebody so inviting push me away so much.


For the people I love the most, 

that I let myself love the most,

that let me down the most.

They break my heart too. 

How can people so cruel be the ones I need the most.


For the girl reflected back in the mirror

with the dark blue eyes

and croaking, gaspy laugh.

My hearts hurts for her

how can somebody so strong be made so small.


These questions posed to me, 

of the strength and goodness

of those around me.

Are what inspire me to find an answer

the young, weary eyes crinkling in happiness.

the observer, bursting with words.

the angry, breaking souls just to laugh.

the royalty, thrones made of bone.

and the answer-less, writing to rebuild.




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