Mental Illness is Not a Game

Maybe I am ill,

Perhaps I am not,

But the issues many of us face

Remain unseen.

So I ask that people read along.

Look into my head,

And into what I have seen.

This is why I write my poetry.


I tell you of my struggles,

I say you're not alone,

Even though it feels like we are though.

I promise that I am not lying,

I promise I put my disclaims,

Read my intro, or comments,

I ask my efforts aren't in vain.

I know that mental illness is not a game.


I want people to see the problem,

I want them to understand,

That it is only a matter of time

That people see past our lies.

We know that we are not okay,

But we will say we are,

Out of fear of reject 

And our fears of alienation.


Please don't ghost out on us,

Please don't let us go,

When we tell you is 'cause we trust you,

And want you to know.


So take a look,

And see what you want,

Then take a look again.

Can you see my humanity,

My insanity is near.

Do you see yourself within

These simply typed up line?

Some I've written down,

But most comming in immediate time.

Tell me can you see you,

When you look into my mind?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Need to talk?

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