On Bended Knee


United States
40° 44' 19.8348" N, 112° 6' 26.1108" W

When al is lost, and hope it seems,
has left me here deserted.
When friendship's cost, of life and dreams,
have proved too much to pay.
When solitude, and loneliness,
are not enough to comfort.
When pretty eyes, and red-lipped smile,
do no emotion sway.

When all life's up's, and all life's downs,
cannot begin to matter.
When pow'r corrupts, and hate resounds,
and men reveal their beast.
When mainstream though, and will of crowd,
become more than suggestion.
When friend and foe, are made the same,
and used for Devil's yeast.

When life has hit, and life has swung,
and life has shown no mercy.
When evil's spit, this way has come,
and hit me in the face.
I come to you, I ask your help,
please aid me against darkness.
My Lord, my Savior, Jesus Christ,
come meet me in this place.


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