Put down the knife


United States
26° 6' 32.2092" N, 80° 22' 37.2" W

Put down the knife another day is coming
No more red drops and keep life going
Battle scars are worse in the heart, I know
Don't let them on your skin, don't let it show
What I'm asking you is please be strong
Don't let the hardships of life make you lump

The universe is built on great things
Just open your eyes and see
The blue sky and the sun reflecting on your skin
And the sound of the ocean playing in your ears
So put down the knife because life keeps going
No more red drops no more slices coming

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

your life have so much value
not worth taking your own life or thoughts of it-im glad the knife was put down
great poem


Wow so true step away from cutting and realize the beauty all around us keep writing

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