No Regret

I see the stars a-shining.

I hear the birds a-rhyming.


The moon, sparkling.

The moon, charming.


Time is passing.

Nothing good is lasting.


Time goes on.

Life is like a song,


One without repeat. 

One that seems so obselete.


I'm not ready!

I'm not steady!


Dont yell GO!


Why do we fight? Squabble? 

Even if its a lesson, so I'm not coddled.


I dont want it.

I'm sick of the fits!


I need to turn this page...

Start another day.


But... How can I on this sour note?

Life is not something to learn by rote.


You dont play flat when the note is sharp.

You dont blow to make sound on a harp!


It doesnt work that way...

So how does it?


I dont know.

Must all there be is woe?


Show me.

Teach me.

Dont scream at me! 

Help me. 


So that I can be without regret.


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