All It Ever Took

All it took was one shot

For you to spiral down the drain

‘Cause though you may have fought

You couldn’t evict the pain


All it took was one thought

For you to decide it was time

To burn yourself to rot

‘Cause the world had turned to lime


I don’t blame you though

‘Cause I’d have done the same

I’ve been craving to go

‘Cause life is nothing but lame


All it took was depression

Severe, chronic, deep

To make you take action

Causing your vital essence to seep


And now they say some things

Will never be understood

But that’s ‘cause their eye rings

Are still blurred and crude


And I look at your smiling face

And wonder why you did it

But I know if I was in your place

I would just as well have quit


It all comes down to the fact

That life is nothing but a bane

We live, we die, we act

‘Cause we’re nothing but vain. 



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