Just Another Day

Its just another day,

My meals were a blur,

I powered through day struggles,

Knowing nothing different will occur,

I find myself wondering if I could change my life,

Make it a bit happier,

And skip through all the strifes.

It's just another day,

Yet another day has passed,

And just a bit more troubles,

I don't know if I will last.

I find myself wondering if it is worth it in the end,

All these stabs of pain,

To finlly be content.

It's just another day,

My trials are at their worst,

There are so much screams and tears,

Through this everlasting curse,

With so much doubt and sufferring,

As my happiness goes in reverse.

I find myself wondering, I should take the easy way out,

Where I don't feel anything,

Nothing without a doubt.

It's just another day,

I've gone a bit upstream,

I Don't know if I regret it,

All those tears and all the screams,

But it seems to be getting better,

Getting better yes it seems.

It's Another day,

A day with no regret,

I've never been better,

I'm better to get my life set,

I'm thankful for those who helped me through my strife,

my struggles,

my tears and screams,

Through my doubt,

My regret,

And through all my fallings.

I've learned that at your altimate low,

Hope wants to flee.

But remember it's Another Day,

Another time to be happy.





This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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