The Cloudy Day


The day is cloudy, no man in sight.

Not even the crows who cry in flight.

She looks up and she looks down, but no salvation is to be found.

Surrendering her soul, she takes her last breath as she lets go to her certain death. 

Down, down, down she goes like a lost feather with no purpose to hold.

As she goes deeper in to the dark abyss, four screechy voices can be heard near.

"Guilty, guilty!", they all say in unison. 

"Shame, what pitiful shame!"

As the four voices tauntingly say, a tall, magnificent figure mysteriously appears.

"Cease", the thunderous voice commands. The four voices cease.

"There, there", the voice calmingly says. "Thy child, why so much suffering?"

She does not respond.

"O poor soul, your time is not yet. Live your life to its full extent."

"Remember your achievements, your goals and intents." 

And as she contemplated deep in thought, in blink of an eye, the figure was gone

Down, down, down she goes. Down to her certain death. 

Down in her bed Melissa awoke. Up from her deep slumber.














Guide that inspired this poem: 



Omg...I can't imagine having a dream like this

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