Little Girl

Little girl

don’t listen to that mean voice,

little girl

suicide isn’t the only choice.

Little girl

who once laughed so loud,

is now a big girl

hiding in the crowd.

Little girl

please don’t hurt tonight,

little girl

together we will fight.

Because little girl

you have so much more to give,

little girl

you deserve to live.

You’re smart.

You’re kind.

Your future will be bright,

life gets better

so please keep up the fight.

Those voices in your head

will fade soon,

you’re only just a butterfly

still in your cocoon.

Little girl

you’re growing up

and the world won’t seem so bad.

Little girl

you’ll be strong someday,

just like your dad.

I promise

together we will fight,

just promise me

you will begin to love your life.

Depression had made you feel weak

but one day you will be strong,

put down the bottle of pills

those mean voices are wrong.

Little girl

I am so proud,

you are a woman now.

Little girl

those voices are gone,

depression has faded

and now you are strong.



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Um, is there a way to favorite this? Your poem definitely hit home and got me a little misty. Your words are a blessing. :)

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