just a plant

Wed, 09/09/2015 - 19:41 -- lizann

So here is a story about how I became oblivious to addiction

with a substance I've been told was something God had gifted

and a gift it was for a while at least

no sense of pain and time's existance just ceased

but with no sense of time I became very lost and




stuck floating in the hazy air seen through low eyes a bright red

the smell a familiar sour but the feeling bittersweet

I became too numb and too dumb to see what it made of me

I became too comfortable with hiding and with running away

my concsious mind too weak to stay, as the frozen clocks ticked on and on, my identity beginning to fade

so here I am to say, don't let yourself get so broken

don't convince yourself its harmless just because of the words spoken

"It's just a plant"


until it's the love of your life

with Mary's love you're no longer living, you just survive

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