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God is there for us and he'll never forsake us.He will be there until the days that he takes us.He'll continue to be there for us when we're in Heaven.He sent his only begotten son to save men and women.
If you want to go to Heaven, Jesus is the only way.If you haven't accepted Jesus, you should do it today.If you want to go to Heaven, accept Jesus Christ as your savior.
Skin x Spirit: A Love Story   The skin I am most comfortable in The reciporcal reality of it being  defining but divisive  accomodating but attractive 
Nature versus nurture, the spirit versus the mind, who am I at my core and what have I learned from my interactions with mankind?
Nature versus nurture, the spirit versus the mind, who am I at my core and what have I learned from my interactions with mankind?
Just when I thought all hope was gone,you gave me the strength to carry on As I walk into the land, our salvation is in your hands. When I opened my heart to you, your love it has guided me through
You think you know it all because you're a scientist.You make me angry when you say God doesn't exist.You believe there is no God and you say that it's a scientific fact.
Vice versa, its we verses our own vices, immersed in internal conflict that eventually attracts external crisis, despite the advice of Christ to recite the Hebrew words of the righteous, we go versa to a vice that distances us from enlightenment o
I am dreaming of a beautiful black Noel night Tonight, where the jolly stars can easily be seenIn the sky. From afar, the moon is clear and brightAnd the clouds create a wonderfully divine scene.
Too many think that they are GodToo many think that they know GodToo many think that they see GodToo many talk like they know GodToo many sinsToo many SatansToo many prosecutors
Been looking for affection at a rich man’s resurrection found plenty of gold but little introspection His friends cry crocodile and the family’s lamenting
The Christianity of Constantine is the form of Christianity I despise. It is the Christianity that gets tangled up in political affairs. It is the Christianity that asserts it's power over others sometimes through violence.
I have collected church pamphlets in the past They sit wedged in between some of my books. They have a seductiveness to me.
To promote their belief in salvation They will present questions for the intellect like a thirty second commercial Signs will line the road reading Got Jesus? Jesus or Pizza, which one will you choose?
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.Even when in a famished state I hunt,In pastures green and lush with abundance,He renews my spry and exuberance.
My momma always did say those bradford pears, Smelled like the dead, Somethin’ ‘bout a southern curse.   Ain’t nothin’ lonelier bein’ inside these pine walls,
The Sun can't reach her She's covered in mud and planted in a hole that her tears water Salt from the earth runs deep through her veins And her dark skin reflects like jewels in a cave
First: Jesus loves you. Even if he is the only man who does at the moment.   Two: your sexuality and your religion are not mutually exclusive and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  
Today I realized the word Shepherd, is one "e" away from Sheep herd Which isn’t enough to write a poem about But it was enough to make me not kill myself today.
Our brutish bullets' babble Battered this cathedral, Corroded ancient heavens That dawned in its arching dome, Crumbled blue-veined marble, Shattered angels' sorrow, As gods began to groan. 
I've always been an atheist no God could have grounded me 'cause I saw all lands like temples hallowed sanctuaries to find refuge and my faith was held by the people around me.
Damn Those white people, eh? With their saviour complexes Help us, we say Rebuild our town after an earthquake Here, they say as they pass us their gospel with a single bag of rice
Somebody may have already uttered
Red All I saw was red A woman who came  in the name of love could not leave acting as if I were to drop down a cliff any minute Yes, I believe in the Christian God
Oh to be like Echo, Always calling out but never heard. To be like Midas, Always reaching out but never touched. To be like Medusa,
I used to always be told that I was beyond lucky that I was raised in this religious home
I used to always be told that I was beyond lucky that I was raised in this religious home
I think I always knew I was a little bit messed up in the head,   See with me being so quiet and all as a child   They’d look me in the eye  
I wish I’d told you how good you looked in your suit when you picked me up for Homecoming. I wish I’d told you how much I think about the time we went to the corn maze.
Expressing on paper has always been easier for me,as my conversations are with the sea.for i ascertain some of life’s secrets never hearing a wordwhile the waves caress and love me.
I'm having one of those days Where every insult I can tell myself  Is rolling around in my head I'm not smart enough I'm not capable 
Imagine growing up feeling broken Broken like a clock stuck at night Afraid of words that you’ve spoken Or fearful of those that you might   Imagine stealing a glimpse at redemption
Today is Easter Sunday The grass is a little greener The flowers are beginning to say hello The chill in the air seems less invasive   It’s time to wake up, get out of bed
It is time now to fallTears should stream down my faceAnd my throat hoarse from psalm   It is time now to abstainHoly ink should stream from my lipsAnd my throat hoarse with pleas for forgiveness  
I might be wrong in thinking That I navigate with lithe and agility through unfamiliar dark rooms Dark wombs Even darker tombs sinking further down to a heated core, a hellish home My body, at last.
Let me tell you something disgusting.   I’m still in love with you, I don’t want to be, I don’t mean to.
Oh my sweet boy You who were once my morningstar Far away and too far gone Lost amidst the endless sea Drowning you with each crushing wave
I used to think that I was alone I used to think that the ground would crumble beneath me God, I would hear I didn't think that he cared I didn't know he was hear God, I would here
The best ultimate religion I ever learnt of is " Good Deed" No matter how religious one is without a good good all in vain.
There’s so much I do on your behalf. Restrain myself. Degrade myself. I keep myself in check. Keep myself down and lowly,
i was raised to believe that God is in church lately I think that is the last place he would be
It's my first attemt at an acrostic poem-    And the body is made to die, a Very fine specimen, crafted with precision Arranged into an organism, a
There’s a devil kneeling at my heels  and an angel bowing low before me.  One burns bright and blinding, the other burns strong and lasting.
Okay So This Verse Speaks... Upon ... " Biblical Themes " ... Because Words Like These... Now Really Don’t Seem To Have Too Much Worth...!?! Because The Meek ARE NOT Inheriting The Earth... !!!
and to think for a minute that your corpse will bid you farewell– it’s a tragedy for some, but a mercy unto others.i can only pray that the taste of my death will be sweet,
  It’s not hard when it’s not present When we’re working together and we have to hide When you’re 1,500 miles away It’s not hard when we don’t think about it
(Disclaimer: This poem does not insinuate I engage in incest. Mention of sleeping with my brother refers to times in the past that I have been woken up by my younger siblings after they'd
If this world is holographic, then the afterlife is real. Heaven is eternal. Hell a temporary abode. And the life inbetween. All completely real.
That pain that I felt in my chest yesterday is in my gut today And I don't know if it's the heartbreak  moving through my veins into other parts of me or if it happens to be the alcohol
I begged you for forgiveness But you sat on your throne a laughed I know you gave me my time with him like I asked you too You gave me his love so you could watch me As you took it all away from me forever
They say the devil wears Prada  But today she wears something new  I was raised as a Christian child But God where the hell are you I've been told if you need help pray to god
I’ve traveled to many countries, Met people white black and brown, I’ve seen beautiful locales,
Many times I brood alone Thinking of the world’s melancholy mourning Bearing the weight of creation Upon my hateful human heart,   Until a presence fills me 
My kiddos in Sunday School inspire me They never fail to make me laugh They've always changed my worst days to my best Being a teacher is valuable
God will only find you in death, Your life won't matter to him. The help that you expect Is shortcoming with every breath.   I had a dream nothing mattered, Time just plays with us
The taste of wine reminds me of a man who died to redeem me thousands of years ago. I have never met him. He doesn't know me. Back up, take this cracker from between my lips, I don't need you to save me.
I live, I live, I live. I don’t want to be that girl. I don’t want to hear them sing.
- to kiss god on the mouth his lips taste like cheap pekoe tea and overly sweet vanilla creamer. i run my hands through the hair of something i don't believe in. there are no hymns, no bible verses no miracles.
Sing Swan song This is how our cries to blank void Becomes a joyous song Sing Swan song For a death and rebirth in Christ Let the sound of our voices Enclosed in defeaning silence
  The Yule log burns embers deep and bright in the dark and dense woods. The wind flies high in the sky the birds follow its path. The thunder roars in the sky and the fire only grows brighter. 
What will happen if I sneak into heaven? I just want a glimpse of paradise.
Orthopedic surgeon fled Vietnam at age fourteen   Old Lady works full-time and rescues children in between   My doctor doesn't know mother died from a complication of this surgery  
Pray for the impossible, Preach for those before Learn to find what’s possible And make a future to live for  
As a daughter of the King,  I know I am more than  a number that magically knows my flaws, imperfections, strengths, desires and dreams.  I know I am more than  the sterotypical, 
Covering myself in the atrocities of every human, plant, and animal, I could think of myself no more rotten, no less than putrid.  
a feather at one’s nape:amidst that cocktail ofsound   sight      scenthis piqued some part of me;wafting, it beckonedand stroked my core.
Eternal emptiness static, It was said and it was done. Fields of creation galactic, All but a thought for His fun.   For He knew all of what was to come. A world, devoid of promise and truth,
Twilight of the godsNo, we are the dunes;with flimsy crust,with grass and scrub,we hope to holdagainst the dry,the drift from shifting winds.
One day, we’ll surge past the exosphere, flying at  two hundred ninety-nine million seven hundred ninety-two thousand four hundred fifty- nine
I'm a lot like Cain, That is, I don’t think about  The consequences of my actions. I don't know What they’ll be  Until they happen. I 
When I was a kid, my mom would give me and my sisters coloring books to keep us preoccupied  during Sunday Masses- Jesus themed coloring books, of course. The Catholic kind where you use crayons to 
I own the rod I own the staff You walk through the valley I make the path You fear no evil No shadow of death I comfort you With every breath
I don't believe in them But there are gods Gods which can only dream of finding someone like you Someone who listens so closely That their head pounds like a breaking dam Waves crashing over the sides
I do not belive in them But there are gods amongst us Covering their ears Trying to block out the sins of this world banging against their skulls   I am no saint But I wish I could be your angel
she loves a woman but,  she still closes her eyes and bows her head to pray to  a god who i always thought  would never love me.  love thy neighbor but,  only if they have the traditional kind of sex. 
Blood drips down the hands of the Savior who is filled in body brands He, who died for You Is the one that is stoned until turned black and blue
We were about to move  again And he said we needed to paint the garage He didn’t explain why  but he never does  
But I don't know much about God I know want to sit with him and his others But my existence is sin And I'll never reach what I want   Its fruitless
i think i was 11 when a stranger first asked where i hid my money it was a cold winter day you could see your breath sway and stay as the snow flew your way i glanced back at his face
As soon as the rosy-lining of sun appeared, The children sprang from their homes and met at the center. Their soiled feet pounded the stone pathways, alerting the
Small, and hidden among the hills We go to receive the joy   Painted white by our own hands Laboring together in industrial joy   In the spring, when the Easter is,
Each drop fell, bringing with it a taunt over our own depravity. It shouts, “Liar, Schemer, Thief, Murderer, Adulterer, Covetous- Human?” Well sir, in your flawless plan, there lies all but one fatal cavity.
Sometimes I’m a sexually repressed nun who fell for someone outside the faith,   A guy carrying multiple, heavy bags of groceries for someone who won’t return the favor,
I recently realized I could re-draw all of my mythologies - after all i say never beg for power because the powerful never give or bestow power. they act in power.the powerless always has the power to do right.
Whether she blamed him or he blames sheThe fall was always meant to be.The gift of knowledge,Forever blessed,Born from the woman’s mess.Yes it is she, sheWho stole the apple from the tree,
cross my heart and hope to breathe / suck the air into my lungs like a promise broken / like wind in the air singing hymns across a desolate plain / and wish for something different or better or nothing at all / because this is my story and our st
Now, I know what you’re gonna think, I know what you’re gonna say, “Another poem, really? It doesn’t even have a title! What’s it gonna ponder on, world problems? We don’t need to be reminded of these things!”
You're my sadness, Also my happiness You're my lover, Also my enemy You're my laughters,
Being me is waking up and living every day you make descent that is too slow to say and to fast to understand. Falling down into a burning under under land Unable to reach out and grab a hand
You hide behind pages withered with millenia of hatred  Each letter an excuse for you to say "I don't care if they hold hands, Just don't do it front of my kids."
There is no end in site. Stereotypes exist because of..: Muslims who blow things up, Christians who wrongfully judge,
Sometimes it helps to pause a sec  To bow my head and genuflect  To slow my breath and just reflect On the sins of mortal men   Sometimes I laugh until I cry We’re doomed to cry until we die
Petrified flies swaying in the altar Exasperating fly swatters roaming around the safehouse Perilous sprays to keep them away Sprays that only enhanced the flies to make them stronger
Day one Religious Dependent Straight.   Youngest Church is ok, would rather be somewhere else “Baby’d” if you may
Day one Religious Dependent Straight.   Youngest Church is ok, would rather be somewhere else “Baby’d” if you may
A series of fortunate events led me to grow up, to glow up, to dream of living more by the Torah - to give up my childish dreams and rebellious fantasies.    Number One - All my “number one”s suddenly seemed immature and annoying.
For 8 years, on every wednesday night, my CCD class and I would sit in mass, eyes closed, with folded hands,
Tired. Exhaustion I seek to be retired Where did it come from Starting when I first came to the planet Beginning of my life
The questions pop up like fireworks Sparks flying out  I cover my face, evading them while fire licks the dark sky I push my hand over my ears I don't want to see, to think It hurts, my head straining
The Young Sapling By: Madison Winchell   The young sapling, small and frail Is suffocated by the roots of mature trees.
I grew up in a suburb I grew up in a suburb full of white people I went to school with only a hand-full of minority students
I remember the confusion day after day, only a child and oblivious to the world. I remember hearing my mother pray please, hear us and heal us.
Open your bible, pray for forgiveness, tell him your sins, the lord is your witness. We are all children of God with free will; we are family, you know. Then why in the definition of religion is the word control?
May 25, 2019   I cast my gaze upon the cool, crisp glass I see a glimpse, the glimmer, the shadow, a horror A face, my own, familiar, but not my own For within it I see another face
Once, I played alone in my head, Not a worry in sight.   That was a distance memory, A dream I think back on while lying alone in the dark. What that really me?   That carefree little girl
Again, back around to the beginning. Repentance in cycles without an end. My fallen nature; I keep on sinning. No need for sex, all I want is a friend. I have left reality for the mind.
Maybe you should just try to let them in Try to let them see that you're hurting, that you're hurt by his words. He damaged her beyond repair yet here she is... brOKen.  I'm okay she says, I'm fine seriously.
I may not relate to those who are happier than me. Although I may not show obvious signs of struggle, I am still lost.
When I got on my knees for church And asked who am I doing this for? When I watched a man die on the street And wondered why anyone need be poor? When I heard students cry out for peers shot dead
  The air becomes dry and the wind stops mewling familiar hymns that I stopped singing So that I may talk to you  
My god used to carried me on his shoulders and call me “baby girl”
Not smiling at smiling me from the DMV. Not watching an R without all of the PG. Not even checking the squares of democracy.  
There are good and bad people in this world. Doesn’t matter who they are. Love is the only thing we need, The thing that really defines us.
Isaac, my siblings, and some other random kids are running in a field. We’re supposed to be playing tag, these kids and I, but my siblings know I don’t run and don’t expect me to.  
don't you ever just want to throw up at how many people use our belief system to justify their rancid, filthy hate?   i'd give my left arm and right hand to love everyone the way i'm supposed to and
reality isn't therapeutic reality is a lot of words i don't feel comfortable saying because i am both a big sister and religious
Anxiety. It’s always been there, Lurking in the depths. Have I learned how to rid it? Not yet. But as a person who has beliefs of what there is above, I have put my fears to faith
I broke one of God's Commandments when I stole an extension cord.I was struck by a bolt of lightning because I angered The Lord.God is cracking down on those who break his Ten Commandments.
  Even if I'm not happy, Jesus will still be here. God will still hold my hand when I'm filled with fear. They still think I'm beautiful when I think I'm ugly.
I ripped my heart from my chest, as I am apt to do; "Do you believe in God?" Does "God" believe in you? I wasn't raised a Catholic, but I know Baptists,
What looms beyond the trees—a monster black.   I see his visage clear, and hear its moan.   I wait to feel the claws upon my back,   Then wrap around my neck intent to choke.  
God hired angels To write some books Those books Were called life The angels have to Choosing our destiny Arranging our fates Erasing our dumb choices
My mind is a labyrinth. I am trapped in an endless cycle of fear. I am so afraid. I know what I must do… I must leave the garden, The only place world I have ever known. I must leave His grace.
Could somebody take me somewhere pleasant? It's all I have ever asked of someone. How is someone to be omnipresent? They cry "all hail the one and only son."
The forest greeness I have seen from my warm home Creation of God
In this poem, The name of my crush has been redacted And replaced with the word "god":   God, you’re hot But that’s another poem.   God, let me write poems about you. 
its always been you you've been there all along the perfect harmony to my everlasting song you took my breath away you made me proud of who i am today you helped me to see who i really am
When I eat veggies, Nature comes to my own brain, When I drink cocoa, I thank God that I exist. What can explain it? I am not an accident. Why with randomness? Everything has a purpose,
It emanates from you.  A paramount aroma. One so compelling we may be blinded by it. Like a bat who's lost the ability to echo-locate, only guided by his scent.
And just like the serpent tempted Adam and Eve with the forbidden apple, the burning desire for you to be mine led me into your coils of damnation.
Sitting outisde watching the leaves change colors I contemplate and think about my righteous Savior How He has always been present ready to guide me
I am the wild youth. I am made to become something as I had started, But I stand here as nothing. My voice is the loudest, the most rebellious, and the angriest,
Intrinsic   Alway wondering, my mind yearns for truth.   Morals never took precedence- your preacher was unconvincing.  
Hatred, Manipulation, Fraudulence, Corruption. The world we live in Should be seen as a sin.   We walk around in a mask
the people paused, mulling over history's words, then asked, "and what is the sun? does it die at night when our cities collapse and our people smother it with their own versions of history? or does it 
the people paused, mulling over history's words, then asked "and what is the sun? does it die at night when our cities collapse and our people smother it with their own versions of history? or does it 
Stumbling in the darkness, They say that ignorance is bliss. But yet leads to becoming careless, Oh! How did mortal eyes ever miss? Such a brilliant radiance, Which was concealed behind a certain oblivion.
God Made Me A Better Man   the morning stars made our  heavenly skylights ignite today the colors corresponding  creating value to everything  God you have made me a better man.  
When sky speaks of nearby heaven, and the ground of human hands, between them rests the freshest angel. Tomorrow he has silver dollars woven through his course, unkempt mane
Gone too far from your glory. Often believed in my own story. Day by day, my path began to darken. Involved in all the wrong deals. Soon, I began to realize what I had sacrificed. God, I need your grace. Openly I accept you with obedience. On ever
I am a terrible person I am selfish Arrogant Dishonest Lazy Prideful I ha
With five blows of a hammer, The Western Church was torn, And all across five hundred years, The argument was born.   Bam! No prophet spoke as Caesar, Indeed, nor did our Lord,
Some dark nights I think about Hell and of death, Of torture and devils and cold demon-breath.     A monk, a professor, a seer, a writer,     In my half-asleep mind debate on hellfire.  
I have been beaten and shamed My heart has broken, my mind has fallen apart But surrounded by my struggles I’m still standing.  
I was white bread, sticking to the roof of his mouth:He was all bones and warm brown skinWe leaned into each other,
I just came back home, Now I will be starting school, School life is different.  
Today I saw a beautiful dream It was somewhere from within It seemed so real at the time - I wonder I dreamed that love has ruled the world That no one is sick or hurt
Jesus, My Captain You have displayed  Love Forgiveness and Grace To make me a woman of God.  Jesus, My Captain You have given me  Family Friends and Community
etheral ututopian world shaken to the core carnage of murder,of kidnap and rape,they point that accusitory finger at all of which who don't believe screaming their scriptures at soil wrought sinners.
You weren’t there when I needed you. Your selfish ways were rude. Your priorities were skewed. You manipulated me for your gain, And you cared nothing about my pain. But in your absence, I found my assets.
My greatest mentor led me to befriend: 
My greatest mentor led me to befriend: 
What comes after death? What lies beyond the final breath? Is the body just a mere shell? Do we really go to heaven or hell? Or the murky fields of Asphodel? Or are we all under a spell?
  I want to see God like my mother does. She welcomes Christ like an old friend, and loves Him as family, but all these saints are strangers to me.  
I hold a wounded Christ, or so legend says, within this fragile sand dollar - five punctures - hands, feet, side   no blood or gore to disturb me but a gentle reminder of his sacrifice  
GOD IS SCIENCE A Sonnet   When God and Science both come out to play There’s something people need to realize: The wicked man may drive them both away,
to the girl who clutches attention like a boa constrictor claims its next meal you do not get to tell me how to feel you do not get to tell me I am not valid
What do the eyes see? Permanent vibrant colors Or chalk drawn images Washed up When the rain comes Dripping onto rooftops Streaming Down walls Perforated edges
I don't care if your here I dont care if you're not I don't care if your a woman I don't care if you're a man I don't care if you're young I don't care if you're old
There are stained glass windows illuminated by winter memories purged The dust dancing on sun colored air
Who can see the Lord? Our creator invisible. Like the winds only heard
The world is a maze of good and bad. There are times when we are happy and times when we are sad.
The Creation
They call me Medusa, a monster forgotten; and here? No katharevusa. The fickle-eyed ancient damned my life in a proxy fight; jealous? Of what, the rape of an innocent acolyte? The lust of a capricious potency,
  I’ve been face to face with the Devil.    I have braved darkness, deep and shallows. Above and beneath the bowls. O! The howls!   I came a long way on this hell road, with my eyes closed,
* Subhanallah = Glory be to God.  Sixteen ghosts died inside me this year Subhanallah.   A classroom full of men I should have loved
As I look up, I see the world that was left in the waters reflection, the life that happened, the pains and the
When I began my journey, I wore a dress of white. It dazzled and became me well, It sparkled in the sunlight.  
I am lost in a sea of minutes and hours I am trapped in a castle, locked in it's towers I am floating through life like a leaf on a breeze I am crushed by my fears and left on my knees  
I'm an atheist, But that doesn't make me rude. Keep on trucking, theists, By all means, you do you. But I don't appreciate Being painted as the villain.  I'm not broken nor filled with hate;
I died to sleep Perchance to dream To escape this old world With its horrors yet untold.   But, alas, I stirred For a frightful air Disturbed my slumber Causing me great despair.  
virgin means untainted although i am not innocent this is how he left me   this olive oil has been touched mutilated
I refuse to submit to the brainwashing of Faith.  I am liberated through The world;  I am limited by Religious culture. To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
I don't need Humanism  To be good, I require only God.  I don't need man-made distractions such as Technology and modern advancements  To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
  I do not decide who I am, for who I am is decided by another Some may think I strive to harm, but some may see me as their brother.
One love for a higher power And all we do is argue. In this final hour, Recognize the common rather than the feud.   We forget the heart,
light came from the window and fell on my arm the other day   it felt a lot like you warming me from the inside out wrapping me in peace and contentment   I watch the world pass by 
  So many church steeplesSo much crimeSo many hungryThree jobs and no restPreacher says give to meYou will be blessedNo religionJust church
I'm paralyzed.Stuck in these feelingsstuck in my head.It's too late for treatment,I'm already dead.I'v
Father, can you hear me? My heart in pain outcrying,I need redemption, I beg you, please, To calm my fear of dying. Father, I apologize;I lay my burdens down.For all the sin and all the lies, I’m sorry, I cry out.  Father, for your grace, I thank
Hatred and brutality make up our personalities, Endless wars and fighting brings nothing but insanity, They explain it as fidelity, define it as loyalty, But is killing your neighbors truly an act of audacity?  
Dear God, Or Maybe not so Dear.   Where are you? Where have you been? It feels like I’ve been on “Read”             forever.   Where were you?  
Dear God, I can see my whole face in the pupil of my eye. I can eat a whole piece of my mom's pumpkin pie. I can handle a handlful of the diamonds in the sky, but why try when we're all just gonna fly
I want to scream But I stay silent I want to run around without shoes But my shoes stay on as I sit And I stare at the frozen statue of a man  
I pray to Him, I wonder if He even hears me.   My routine: Alarm set to wake me up at 5:00 A.M. After I awaken, I play some tunes. I like J. Cole, Kendrick, Tupac, Jay, Nas…
Dear former self,   I’m writing you from the other side of that place  Where the two rivers meet You haven’t seen it with your earthly eyes But have with your soul You haven’t a memory of it
My Dearest Clementine! I’m convinced little birds help you dress every morning! You’re a tall sunflower with petals bright and soft. Your cheeks are dappled with tawny freckles
I am ancient hopes,  I am fragile dreams,  I am the stony, hardened tears of a soul with too many years, in a journal with degraded seams as a blind heart in darkness gropes  
We are who we are       But we are still all human No matter how vast the world we live in
This is His real name Yahuah your Elohim Is the start and end
Dear God,
The forest air  floats heavy in the trees  the ground illuminated  by it, a gothic chandelier  moonlight dances on the cauldron  with contorted contents to puppeteer    and so it cooks 
Dear Allah, This is Your masterpiece of wonder, Who at only six years old Could speak and direct the world, Be it real or virtual.
Early in the morning I sacrificed my time and my sleep to climb this mountain. While all was still dark and asleep, we were all awake. And so we began.
Different but similar, in distinct scenes Interpretations of that which is “eternal” Some of the bounded in settings infernal, Variations seen      In the beginning, man created ideas
Driving home. Went straight instead of left and ended up at the dock facing that water running under and out from me to the foot of the colossal mountain
I felt him rise from his deep slumber The new day shall begin as the old day is numbered   He felt me gravitate towards the light I felt the need to be free but it was too bright  
I am Ukrainian. Russian was the first language I learned, English was the second.
God, our mother, my mother, When you formed me, incubated me Was I apart of your being did you speak in my voice as I sometimes speak in yours?
This is our last chance to grieve Dear Lord, I was only thirteen The host of trepidation freshly forgot, You coerced forgiveness from fester and rot  
My mind is an ever-evolving ball of guilt and shame Every thought twists and turns, leaps and lunges, crosses and curves Every time I catch one two others take its place   I’m only sixteen
Who do you believe?God or the influential priest?Who causes your grief?Is it God or the beast?
I said i’d leave you alone But nights like these make me want to talk to you. You’re the piece of my youth & desperation That god no longer wanted to carry.
Don’t look at me like that! As if I’ve never opened the bible. As if I haven’t memorized the well glorified scripture John 3:16, as if I haven’t had Matthew 7:1 drilled into my mind “Judge and you shall be judged.”  
to god:   age 5. strawberry dress, springtime shoes, thorny nylons,   i asked why i had to dress for religion like dad does at work
To the ones I no longer hold dear,   When your picture is pointed out on the tapestry That's hung in the archives of my heart By it's new inhabitants
Give up Yahweh. Stop thinking That everything happens for a reason, That you’ll be rewarded for the good. Stop wondering If you’ll be punished for the bad.
She whispers into the darkness, to find light.   I do not understand.   If she is trying to find light, why look in the dark?  
Dear God,   I’m in a funny spot I call it funny because I’m laughing out my mascara I know You’re here
Dear World, I made a choice, I chose a chance A chance for freedom freedom for all For immigrants, for natives For love, no hatred. Hatred is a weapon A weapon I will not use.
The walk to my curch  is somewhat lengthy, but I need the salvation tonight. Six o'clock is fast approaching,   urging me to pick up my pace. The fellowship dinner winds up taking 45 minutes
Dear God, Your truth is all consuming, And your salvation greater still, Than any human effort, And all of human will.   I care, though, kindly to ask, How you our sole creator,
May the tired souls of the restless and stressed be pitied and blessed, May the lost souls of the faithless find comfort and solace, May the children of this world be guided towards edification,
Smoked weed all day just to take the pain away. Cigarettes the same day. Wanted a new life he told me yes you may. You can do anything, I can make you sing. You won't feel anything, No more pain just play my game.
Soothe the mind, captivate with sound.I've got a life time to grind. Don't forget he's mine, To future extent my tempo is his heartbeat. Fortune found compose distruction of deceased, extermination of illumination.
They said she had to be on drugs.  It wasnt because she had a disfunctional family and people filled her head with dark. She wasn't ever depressed for thinking about how the world turned.
You try to take me down, I'll look you in the eyes. Look you up and down, then have you tell me lies. Tell it to your friend we're all gonna die, so take it to the skies.
Articles Of faith, confession, then communion. Luminous, telepatic, and wise, i'm never gonna die. This intuitive power is rising me higher. There's crystal clear vision, ain't no such thing as division.
to the one whom gravity holds tightest to,   you're an aging collection of thin skin and heavy bones known by a name  passed through the lips of few   with ribs housing
Will You hold me again, my Lord and my God,      hold me again, through this wind and this fog, for the waves and the wind of this sorrowful sea      can be most wonderful if only You'd hold me.  
God, move your peopleMove in this placeThe Lord's name is powerfulForever God you reignYou call me cou
They say to view him as my father. But my father abandoned me, and my father forgets to love me, and my father tells me "shhh" every time I speak near him, and my father chose a life of "spirituality" over me.
We're the arrows that God uses for his bow, and most of the time, he's missing He's drunk in his backyard and blindly picking us up from the dirt ground
In the entire history of humanitythere was but One Manwho practiced love and anmityas perfect as one can.He is better than any otherand no one could come close.He cared for me like a brother
A clear tapestry sewn together with the tools of Passion, Love, and a firey Obsession Can be bound together with ones true confession Because I Love you I let God take you away, 
Love is patient. It puts up with you... Even when you put mayo on your subs Or mushrooms on your pizza   Love is kind. It tells you you're beautiful...
Who am I? In terms of religion, Who am I?  I'm plagued with confusion.   When I die, What's after life? Is there nothing? My mind's full of strife.   Is there Heaven?
Within my body, Like layers of muscle fused, Lies the diamond: hope.
Honestly, I was born in the wrong era into a time of progression my values constantly put down because I'm "special." No, just different. So go ahead and critisize I may be a traditionalist
How many universes are there? Few? Several? Many? What is the exact number? Nobody knows, but one is the safe answer. The cosmos is a large and mysterious place, Filled with untold and undiscovered elements,
is this all a dream? or is it all real? are our lives a mirage? perhaps, we were created for fun   are we placed on this board game to do nothing but be shot down by the aspects of life?
Love isn't always perfect, but it's consistent and unconditional It is patient, kind, understanding, and genuine It's asking how someone is doing If they're not good, you'll be there for them
As I sit here, I begin to wonder, "How can this world so easily cast me asunder?" Falling Victim to all of the pressure, and a pain so deep that none could measure.
I feel like I am lost.Every mistake I make and sin I takeDoesn't lead me awayBut blinds meI
I have a black friend  And I have a white friend 
And the battle begins... He strikes from every angle...He sneaks in through them doors of... lust and desire.And every time you're weak, angry hungry or tired...HE FIRES! Liar....
I once saw a star In the midnight air shining straight towards me Though it was lovely, it was manipulative Though it was manipulative, I kept wishing Wishing to the star,
Politics & Religion Were never meant for polite society My parents taught me. But polite society doesn't exist At least in this day and age. Now and again vulgarities show Marring perfect plans
The night before, I dreamt of oblivion.  Alone in this world Yelling into the void And out of my indecision.                        A mere two words prompting a connection beyond. 
I was born with puppet strings in my skin. With hooks in my joints and a painted-on smile. I was born to please and placate, To be Mommy's Little Angel (To look pristine). I was born to vomit bubblegum pink
All around are people, too Busy to Care about anything except the moment they are in, too Distracted to notice that they are not the only ones that Exist. They do not have the time to see the world
Late at night I lie awake Pray the lord my soul to take And if I fall asleep tonight  Don't let me see the morning light. 
Late at night I lie awake Pray the lord my soul to take And if I should have dreams that are bright Don't let me see the morning light. 
I've seen a lot of red   The first when leaving my mom on the first day ever Running downstairs to show dad Excitement, not fear, not nearves I was too young then   Bloody noses, bloody knees
All humans are born free and equal yet it never seems that way, Hateful words of society corrupt people from day to day “Dress how you’d like your body is great!”
Boom! The sound of another gun shot.  Breaking news! Another murder. Seek shelter! Another flood.  What is this?  It is a mad world, but also a bad one. 
Since when did it matter who you love? when did loving someone of the same sex become a crime? since when did religion stop being included in the first amendment? when did believing in something different cause mass panic?
She flies away  Blissfully, swiftly away Like an angel lurking for an innocent soul to take But not life, no Age is what she seeks
I Am(read from top to bottom)   I am empty It is untrue that I can be filled I believe  Faith isn't real Stop saying that  I can be saved I know  incomplete I am not
What a glorious place is this, that the freedoms of speech and religion prevail. What a devasted place is this, that th stifling of free press exists. What a magnificent place is this,
They see me just a brown woman, they fear those blessed and melanin infused with strong pigment and color, A true badge of honor,
The United States of America To some a haven of privilege And others a hell of prejudice There’s a system in place A list stating
Mother America I am did feed thy milketh Her breasts were consumed with youth. A preliminary smile that inspired a nation yet to be conceived.
Change is inevitable Change the inevitable Life is a repeating bell curve Ups and downs on a massive scale And America is on the down turn -                    Unemployment: 4.5%
           It is awfully hard to pick a fight with something that you can not see or reason with. All my life, the one thing that I have never seen, the one thing to which I have not been formally introduced.
A fair haired child born of a Mama converted to religion and a Daddy inclined to believing from afar.
My thoughts are too loud to not let out, But I don't know what to write about, the rhymes spout but they all sound the same, they fall from the clouds where my soul hides,
White hoods Confederate flags Burning crosses Callin’ us “fags” Vicious and violent Even if they can’t reach us. But we don’t stand a chance If those who could help don’t show up,
Why am I hiding from God? Unlike Adam and Eve, I put on a "Hello brethren, happy Sabbath" facade, instead of a fig leaf.
Secret, Pretty little fruit sitting on that tree 
America the free But are we really free? Striving to contain a positive image Looking into the mirror Not many like what they see Remain a healthy mindset is what I strive to do
Blinding light nearby With the crashing of the waves, The weight: too heavy   Which way do I look?
Everyone talks about how blue the sky was that morning,They talk about the first responders who were quick to help the hurt,About the people who traveled to the golden gates that day About their family members and their friends and all effected,Ab
We are the people of the USA. We’ve got to learn that we’ve got to pray. We the people are united no matter how hard we try to be divided. Yes were different, I’ll give you that. But it only takes one to make an impact.
Always be sure to read your Bible everyday so that you will always have Gods word on your mind and in your heart. It is very important that you do this in order to live life the way God wishes for you too.
Boom boom Boom boom She runs a race  She can not win   Love out love in love out Again and again  A pointless feat Yet she pushes, again   Too much the pain
A land invaded by Europeans Soil soaked with the blood of the Natives and Slaves Immigrants come in droves to get the great American Dream
Her words can hold rhythm with the way your heart beats Her mouth spews promises I wish she could keep Theres whole galaxies in her head But she's afraid to leave the earth They say God is in the cosmos
Whether or not I pray to a God is none of your concern Whether or not I pray to multiple gods is also none of your concern
Moonlight drips from the pores of the sky and shines light upon green gardens and barred fences. The grey tint shows indifference on faces and in
Breathe.   When you take a breath, what do you feel?   Do you feel alive or ready to help this nation thrive even more?   Now think.  
Red, White, and Blue. Such beautiful colors that wave high above, Lately though all I see is Black, White, and Brown. Funny how three colors can unite us, funny how they divide us.
Four and a half years after you came into my life you are gone from it One year of silent staring Seven months of friendship One year and four some odd months of dating And the rest in between, Well...
"With our heads pressed to the wall they'll try to end us once and for all because of the things we pray we'll have to pay for it each passing day. They'll expect us all to fall
That great flag flys high above us, it says freedom for all Freedom for all has some terms and conditions though Must be of a light or fair skin tone Must be of a christian denomination Must be a man
When He was happyHe placed in the skyA thousand twinkling diamondsAnd the lover reaches up, up, up To grab these tiny jewelsAnd add to his collection
We are all renters here Living in borrowed space Here and there, far and near For the entire human race
A song played on the radio. Told me that I gotta know That I'm not alone. Eyes welling with tears, I turned it up so I could hear. Someone with a love so great, That it never runs out.
Hearts   Something you are given at birth A sense of love, happiness Sadness, pain and family A beautiful yet treacherous
 She never liked the way her clothes fit on top of the skin that also never fit quite right. Her hands had always held things too tight and her feet could never run fast enough. She was either too much or too little for a demanding world.
United we stood, divided we've fallen.
The clock is set back and time is rewound As I look behind myself and contemplate I see a girl, chiding - so afraid to be found Lying beneath an oak in a cowering state  
They say not to question God, for His ways are beyond our own. It was a Sunday morning, watching the sweat pour from my father's face as he delivered the Holy Word, "For I knew thee before I formed thee in the womb."
She cradled my hand and spat the truth this religion is just not for you. I peddled to shore when the sun rose and practiced a life I have not yet disclosed.   Ripples danced over my chest
No Pain Is Wasted  My spirit was beckoned.  A savior called to me   his sweet voice said, "listen"  and I held my breath, hanging on his coming words. He came to me. He said I could be reconciled
Shout for joy to the Lord, and worship gladly;Come before Him with joyful songs, asserted grandly;We belong to Him, He made us, pasture of the majesty;Enter his gates with thanksgiving, fervent and radically.
Your love has wrapped around me, like a quilt fabricated of the never-ending world, There is a song that you sing, a voice soft as silk, and sweet as honey, My fathers arms have held me tight,
There are celebrities who people idolize.They may not know it but it's wrong in God's eyes.Jehovah God is the only one who deserves to be idolized.This may anger some people and some may be sur
Joseph and Mary tried to find shelter but they were unable.Finally, an innkeeper gave them permission to use his stable.Jesus was born in that stable and Mary put him in a manger.
The Bible is a how-to book, it teaches people how to gain eternal life.Please read it and share it with your children and your husband or wife.It teaches us not to worship false gods and not to steal.
Why must we feel heartbreak? From where does it come? I assure you this: It doesn’t come from above But rather from evil with malicious intent First pleasure, then pain and spiritual torment  
Why must we feel heartbreak? From where does it come? I assure you this: It doesn’t come from above But rather from evil with malicious intent First pleasure, then pain and spiritual torment  
The Baptism of Jesus was a great experience and because of it, you and I are moved.When Jesus was baptized, God said "This is my son, the beloved, whom I have approved".
God. A being we can never fully grasp without His help. One who brings us joy and emotion. He who first felt pain and sorrow
There was a special woman in the Bible and her name was Ruth.She was loyal to her Mother-In-Law and God and that is the truth.Ruth's Mother-In-Law was named Naomi and Ruth soon became a widow.
Thanks God for letting me wake up today.Thanks God for letting me live another day.Thanks God for letting me have food and not to suffer from starvation.
In the beginning, God was the only one who had the gift of existence and he shared that gift with us.God also gave the gift of existence to Jesus and the angels and if you ask me, that was generous.
Do you ever say thank you to Him? "God i just had the best the day,  thank you again." I'm not saying I believe , I'm not saying there's an ounce of Christian in me .
This darkness of mine is not worthy of my home’s beauty And you care not, for in you there is no darkness at all. You know not of the rolling hills that I sat and longed for mutely.
When you're tempted to commit a sin, remember God's son.When you're tempted, ask yourself what Jesus would've done.Jesus Christ has never sinned, he was a perfect human being.
The lifeless air hung around my neck like an old scarf in the cold. Drowsy eyes of toddlers bundled in layers of coats with their Sunday best underneath, walked sluggishly in the path of their parents.
Martin Luther King JR. has his own holiday, God should be given a holiday too.God deserves to be given a holiday, that is what our Government should do.
Too many people don't believe in The Almighty God anymore.They don't believe in him, God is somebody who they ignore.So many of today's people are non-religious, they believe that God isn't real.
My cousin has seen many Bibles that people have thrown away.Bibles are our greatest possessions, the world has seen better days.The Bible is like a letter from God and that makes it unique.
Why are we people subservient to the self-servient nature in us? We need to set our minds on each other and fill our hearts with trust So that we can maintain our grassy plains, Cultivate creativity, 
Stumble, trip and fall I will arise once more No weight may break me No obstacle may bar me I will overcome it all No demon shall sway me
grow, feel and unite   a distant voice calls me there the will to survive  
As my alarm rings I lay snug in my bed Bound in my blankets I wish I was dead. The world outside my house is strangled in fear. I'm quite warm and rested; I'd rather stay here.
Waking up every day I know that I am saved from yesterdays sins that might have carried my heart away. He keeps me going, my energy flowing, and happiness He keeps on showing.
Death can't bring about life but that wasn't so in Jesus's case.When he died, it brought about immortality for the Human Race.Because of Jesus's death, the dead will not perish, they will live forever.
Satan is working extra hard and he's coming after me and you.We must resist his evil temptations, that is what we must do.When Lucifer makes people do us wrong, it's best to forgive them.
If you feel worthless and think that nobody cares, it's not true.You are priceess in the eyes of God and he won't abandon you.When some people feel anxious and depressed,
Knives thrust deep within the backs of others; Smiles that keep igorant minds at bay; Words that break barriers and bones alike; Deception and destruction and acts of strife.   In a world so empty of hope.
In honor of my early morning church seminary class teachers,  Sister Bruce and Sister Freeby Bang! Bang! My alarm clock sings its wordless song,
It's not just the sun kissing my cheek and brightening my eyes It's not just the chime that tells me someone is thinking about me It's not just the wind flying beneath me as I ride down the hill on my bike
We sit around the table While the fire dances in the air Silence filled the room like a swimming pool filled with water Eyes connecting Hands grip tightly on one another waiting for something to be spoken
i wonder what the others feelwhen drinking wine or grape's strange, i know--it tastes to melike comfort, love, identity--the fruit of the vine, warm chanukkah nights,
Oh Holy Ghost this ehco toasts to love that's long been gone.   I started praying because of you. Like the Holy Ghost you were always there, always wanted never there, never wanted My first love.
You see I knew the man, but not the message.Now I know the man and the message.The message is not in the magazines full of airbrushed models.That tell me everything that is wrong with my exterior.The message is that "I am fearfully and wonderfully
The stained glass sounds like a wind chime as it fallsThat wind, like the choir, brings God back from the dead.Maybe there is still a pew with a wrinkled hymnbook
There was a looming sadness cast over the age of men, a shadow of the greatness to come.
I bought a picture of Jesus and it's hanging on my wall.When a man walks with Jesus, he has it all.Jesus lived on Earth and died t pay for our sins.Without him and his father, manind can not win.
Religion had locked me up, in a closet shrined with Adam and Eve and Mary and Joseph,   Adam married Eve, my child, Mary wedded Joseph, my child.
I want to bite down, bite down, bite down "I'm proud of you, you did it on your own." Bite harder. She's still trying to suck the air from my lips 
I was stopped by a man in a room made of gold He sat and told me his life story yet he couldn't look me in the eyes as he called me beautiful   We were both looking for "God" in all the wrong places
    Their noses are higher than their IQ's they step on sweet innocents as if they roses.         When will they relize?      We fumble around as if we've been shotten , but in reality we are all just rotten.
His Love It envelops me in happiness It makes my heart sing a song It pulls back the curtain of confusion It teaches me right from wrong  It shows me the purpose of life 
This boy is one for the history books  
Where roses meet asphaltWither. Rot. Mold. Asphyxiate.Here lie collapsed towersHeat. Lost. Combustion. Timber.Angels fallen trumpet loudAshes. Feathers. Triumph. Lore.Time runs ever odd
Born from a virgin and in a manger before this time, He was just a stranger.   Just a name that I would call out in distress but now I thank Him for all that I've been blessed.  
The times when I first used words to speak, talk, and prattle Were not the same experiences where I used them in a poem battle Writing came easy to me, so did speach and rhyming,
I read a pamphlet that asked if religion is dying, it's almost dead.Religion may be gone forever in just a couple of decades ahead.Religion is important to me because it's what America needs.
Lord, I am a sinner. This I know for certain, Yet I am not actively working towards self betterment.   Lord on the rare occasion that I get down on my knees to reach you, Most times I do not know what to say.
there is the power of man and there is the will of God when the two do not pursue the same method tragedy is necessary   I am a tragedy;
Listen on SoundCloud: soundcloud{.com}/jake-gillespie-6/god-bless-the-pen/s-q80Qg (remove the {} around the dot-com)  
The night sky spoke for itself. Emitting perpetual promise, Unlike the pretense of your idols.   Your lens dotted with the dust of pastors,  Fear of heaven, Mine clear with the spotless faith in
Walk with me, Lord! Walk with me!Walk with me, Lord! Walk with me!While I’m on my pilgrim journey,I need You, Jesus, to walk with me. Say it loud Im black and I’m proud 
Poetry is therapeutic I lower my pen to paper And I don't have to pay one hundred-forty dollars for temporary peace of mind Tears released  Breath finally caught I am whole It is memory The bad
O Saraswati, seated on a swan Lotus in hand, and clad in white Mother of speech and verse, I salute you in your voice.   Born in the palm of the Mother And raised on her nectar
I sit in the buckle of the bible belt Fighting to merely exist As white men in stiff suits With smiles that never reach their eyes Sit in a room in DC
God loves me and he loves you no matter how many sins you make god can forgive you gods the one who made the grass green and skies blue he also made you to those who believe the big bang theory
Jesus cured a blind man who had been blind since the day of his birth.Jesus put clay on his eyes that he made when he spat and mixed the spittle with Earth.
If you tell me again That we’re no different That we just happened Our luck was purely evolutionary I will give up trying Give up telling you that We’re different We’re special
  I've been guilty of my actions and not wanting to take the blame,  I've brushed it off and put my weight on another man’s shoulders thinking my sins will soon go away.
i know it's a sin to compare you to God but damn you're the closest thing to heaven that i ever saw 
If god is real, then why not the Zeus? From retarded apes, we have diverged. From near extinction, we have profused. Our mental growth has been induced; Yet irrational thought has come merged.  
A heart of love is pure and kind. It knows no evil ways. It's jealous not, nor proud in mind. It's patience never fails.   A heart of love will suffer long And bear all peircing pain.
Me, Black Afro American Product of rape Product of hate Product of product; I reproduce in self hate; Me.   I sit in the front of the bus.
sun rising, yeast baking in the soiled sheets. froth of your love like latte lattice stuck to the brim of my tongue. bric-a-brac baby, midas touch, gold sheen of betrayal in morning love. 
god wears a necklace with a thin gold chain and "julia" written in script, a name clutched in the hollow of a sunkissed throat.  god wears a soft blue skirt with
As I stand here on this nightand look way up aboveI see God's heavens in my sightAnd I'm overwhelmed with love To picture such a marvelous placeFilled with love and peaceFull of eternal life and spaceWhere His love shall never cease All of which I
As I stand here on this nightand look way up aboveI see God's heavens in my sightAnd I'm overwhelmed with love To picture such a marvelous placeFilled with love and peaceFull of eternal life and spaceWhere His love shall never cease All of which I
Driving home alone late at night is something of a religious experience. It’s not something you’ll want to do often— it’s like church that way— but you realize that sometimes we need loneliness
There is a sickness in my stomach that was not there yesterday, It is a turning, churning feeling of what was taken from me, And it doesn’t go away. Every time I think of you it burns.
                      I take a step closer and I look at Him in awe.               So pure and divine.               Creater of my world, Savior of my life.             Only for You, I would kill with a knife.
Cover up and head down to the temple, Visit me with your new beloved girls.   May she be happy with rhinestones or pearls, May angels protect you from the devil.  
Contaminated in desperation, my heart longs for your voice to heal its wounds. Though weary, my mind seeks restoration. My soul awaits on words to make it swoon.  
if you asked me to write down all my trivial thoughts i remember on a daily basis, there wouldn't be many. maybe a melody of laughter with friends or blurry faces brushing by in the hall or
When will it be ok To no longer hide From a world full of hate And a society full of lies?  
Jehovah God gives people gifts, my gift is the ability to write.When we think about what God does for us, it causes delight.Albert Einstein wouldn't have been a genius without God's contribution.
Blah blah, night, blah blah, death.I’m tired of this song. But I picked up a book of hymns today, turned to the index. Some on faith, lots on Jesus. None on death. That section said “See ‘Funeral’.“
I’m not religious. I mean, I was when I was younger. I was brought up in Christian family. God was my saviour.
Problems of mankind are caused by the tongues of men.  You see our tongues could either be a blessing or a help to cause sin  
I believe in a god But not a god that others do   I believe in a god That makes bookstores feel mystical That makes you catch a whiff of old books That makes you almost swoon with nostolgia   
Soft pattering on the roof,A steady blanket of feather-light rain bathes my house.The dark periwinkle color peeking in through the blinds;It's safe.  Paws padding softly over to the window,
She pens her whispers into hushed handwriting. shouts her fears, thoughts, angers into the cold clean air.   slinks through every inhalation that passes,
My feet walk over this earth and I remain ignorant to so many things. From whom the mirror shows me To how  to use my hands But my mother has told me about you She kissed the crown of my head when I still could not see nor talk And whispered "Than
They   tried,  
Walking down the street, my mind as clear as the baby blue sky, "Hey, look at that girl, she's one of them!" says one angry, aggressive guy Now my mind is not clear, it is far from pristine,
When a rough day has passed,filled with tears brought on by the persecution of my peers,I look towards the sky and see,that despite the storm, the sun fights to shine brightly.When the memory of my dear brothers last days cloud my mind,my heart sh
o lord our lord, how excellent thy name in all the earth!        psalm viii   the linen-draped priests can spend all Sunday summoning up this stained-glass earth-shaker,
Oh Krishna! I cannot bear the agony in my heavy heart. Being all alone in this unknown place is enough for any gopi to suffer.   In this materialistic world, I am undernourished
What is life? What is this endless sea of emotion and complexity? This grief and this joy? This pain and this comfort?  This chaos and this peace? This injury and this healing?   
Although you may not see him He is there In your weakest hour He is there When you start to doubt He is there Struggling to make ends meet He is there Feeling alone and depressed
All I need, it is not the same as what you need. Some people need food or water to survive, others need a phone and a person to thrive. I too need those things to live, but they're not necessities.  
In childhood, I was cut off from my family.Unable to speak in and on their terms,I reached for the tongue long lost to me.
Voices call my name, their words riding on the wind 
So, tell me, When you speak, does the world hear you? What do your words say? About your character? What do those words tell? Because what I see,
loving, protection and comfort all that you give me never selfish, nor greedy your love for me forever felt even on bad days because of your sons welts even through my fathers death
He wakes up the sun to shine on the morning He raises up the moon  to shine through the night He keeps me safe and he holds me close and with his love all things are right
He touched my hand and it felt like fire- Burning, hot, sweet desire, He meant the world.   He meant the world when he said he
I have been broken and I have broken other people. I have left scars on myself  and scars on others. I have felt everything at once and nothing at all. I have wished to enjoy a moment forever
Tell me, where is my mic?   When my throat isn't closed-tight
All I’d need Would be God With His wonders he’d keep me alive Because He parted the red sea when his people were being attacked Made it rain fresh bread from an empty sky
applying for heaven purgatory is cold and bright and smells like metal.   g-d’s butler will have you sit down at a crappy plastic desk
Grace Of God Turned My Back On The StreetsSo That I Can Live A Holy LifeStepping Up , And Stepping OutShowing My Friends That I Am The Model Type  I Am Scholar,  But I Am A Product Of A High School Drop Out... The Life I Chose To Live Is For Me To
In the finite plane of a lifetime; Catching dreams and atoms in a jar A unique rainbow ship to learn to steer Through tossing waves of pathways near and far The masquerade of time my biggest fear  
  When the ships starts to tremble amid the threatening waves of the ocean As the sky turns into giant puffs of blackness Hold on Hold on tight
Faith, its the only thing I need To stay safe and sane Knowing God is with me calms me Through storms & rain I know he's the only one The only one who won't leave Leave me stranded or wondering 
For many men will chase the skies, but few will ever find them A mortal man will morph his guise, and his darkness shall consume him. Searching for a heaven here hurts many unforgotten
LISTEN, who told you that God could not be a woman?I am almost 6 feet under my own fearsand I have no holy power to turn tothat is a reflection of me.Who shoved their generationally skewed
Never. Never give up on me. I'm like a tree, budding in my love for thee First, I will not know For my limbs had not yet been free From their canopy of leaves Then when I do, I'll be uncertain,
Memorable Medallion   Hail Mary. Bearing a lily, St. Gabriel does not tarry With expostulation and adoration Of the Blessed Virgin.
In the lonely darknessStands a kind, but hurt orphanShe goes by the name, LaurenHiding her tears with smilesWhile looking up at the night skyNoticing its the only beautiful thing...In her life
they asked me, what's the one thing that i need? my intuition said tuition -- but my soul said "im free" i call it emancipation, cuz my cup is full of seeds because i reap what i sow but no reaper reachin me
The sunbeams are harsh on my skin yet you are here My thirst is never ending yet you never leave me Even though I feel alone you have not left Though my enemies may be tens of thousands
I find it peculiar That the patients in God's hospital look familiarI feel like this is Alcatraz, a display of the insaneThe asylum has no change, am I to blame?Same first-world suburb issues that could be easily forgottenAnd why does God's undefi
In all the world, in what we hold dearest I cannot seem to say I could live without The air in which I breathe throughout the day Or the ground beneath me which bears my weight
 your love; I am wondering if it’s enough. We said forever but I wonder if I am a liar. I wonder if my God has forgiving me for gambling your love. My heart would feel complete if I only fallowed through.
Restless days have accumulated from the regression of my knees. Parasites are sinking in, remembering the days I turned away from you. This mistake devastated your heart, but God the heart is elastic.
A REDEFINED TREASURE I was named after an ocean grace But I have been drowning in my own outrage.   I am being eaten alive by life as my thoughts squirm down my neck.
Looked at the clouds yesterday They put a smile on my face All I could do was think of you And all the things that you do Like how you take my pain away You brighten up everyday
Hand written with a quill pen, Growing each day, My Wiccan spellbook is my pride and joy.   I look at it every day, And it reminds me, Of who I was, am, and will continue to be.  
On a deserted island, here I amDoomed to die, in the sandI won't bring any tears to let cryOr something to hold, like someone's hand.
Let me tell you a story, Fantastic as can be, It's about a perfect man, He who died on a tree. It was not a hanging, that's far from true, It's called a crucifixion, and He died for me and you.
He is like the father I never had, The one I go to when I am sad, The one who I thank when I am filled with joy,
Be free of mind and spirit. Let God be in control. He will show you the way, to achieve your final goal.   Fighting what He tells you, just takes more time away.
Consider Judas Iscariot, son Of Simon, follower of Christ the Lord. Their souls were knit, and became as if one, His heart's best brother, above all adored.   Consider this; a favor, asked by a friend,
God has left us all Fallacy We cannot lose what was never ther
The billowing wind, the scent of the sea The crash of the waves, the sound of silence And me.   The darkness falls, yet stars gleam bright As seraphs-in shadows-stand guard,
Waves: crash,Sand: coarse, grainy, irritable,Waves: crash, break,Shells: sharp, jagged, painful,Waves: crash, break, awaken,Sun: hot, blinding, powerful,Waves: crash, no more,
I can live without food, for he nourishes me. I need not any money, for to him I do not owe. I shan’t require a majestic domain, for one already awaits.
He will never turn away from me no matter how many times I push him away or doubt His love Or question him angrily about why I feel this way and why terrible things happen I cannot truly live without His love
I gasp in fear as I for the first time see The frightening, frothy foam around me With selfish fright, I see the swiftness of the water Flowing steadily to you, my father  
The pastor began his sermon as he did every time Reading from a devotional that he found online  As far as pastors go, he really wasn't very good  He tried to explain things he himself never understood
See the thing about God is... People You, me, he, she, I, they, we... People love to forget their own purpose. Love to live in the bliss or ignorance,
Just another kid right? I just don’t understand what adolescence has to do with intelligence, because I’m talking to adult minds and I can’t believe there level of negligence.
The day is cold,The sun's grown old.The sky is grey,I can't tell between the tears of the sky and the tears of my face.Yet,  I will mumble under my breath,Hallelujah
Soldier of Christ   I tend to see too many people going through their relationship with Christ like it's a job. Being a part-time Christian, but expecting a full time God.
There is one you never tell One you never hear But that one, Is the one who tells you The one who hears you  
You were right, In the world's eye Sitting at the height until you die.   See livin' breathin' ain't that simple, Nothing like a clanging symbol. You got to make a choice,
The world may be a dark sky But God you're still my bright light. You shine through the gray, like the sun shines in May.  
The thing I cannot live without Is Him whom I can never doubt. So even though men think it odd, I'll praise the name of my great God.
Longing for hope , begging for more rope to secure my hold , with every secret I've ever told the rope never let's go
God Almighty by Christian Betancourt   How great is our God? That spoke the very Earth into existence With a simple breathe of air.
There's a formula for everything these days, and I can prove more things than I can understand, And I can fact check the stars, number the sand,
Tiny bald head smothered with faint peachy fuzz, wrinkled clenched eyelids hiding deep blue orbs, unopened fists punch at the sky,
Thank you, Jehovah for giving me such a wonderful mother.Out of all of the women you could've given me for a mom, I'm glad that you didn't choose any other.You gave me such a terrific mother, she was so special and unique.
I stumbled upon a chapel last night Inside was a man with a mirrored face gesturing for me to enter He does not speak but continues to motion and reflect my demeanour  
Some people think that Jehovah God isn't real because he's invisible.They assume that he's not real because his existence isn't physical.Air is also invisible and everybody knows that it exists.
You ask me why I don’t believe in god, I have seen god and that is reason enough. 1 I have seen god in the pinhole pupils of the street junky as He gets His fix,
The Painting of Life by Tristen Reese There are different paths in life; yet life is like a maze. You make lefts, you make rights ... but are you making decisions that are winning.
A is for adultery and B is for bitches— the Cunts that Don’t know how to keep their legs shut. Egged on by eager men,
A is for a dirty girl, Banished from the Church, a Devil’s child, Excluded because of an unlawful Fuck.  
Things usually feel better in the beginning But it didn't take long for me to see What I was trying to do was never me
I woke up early this morning expecting a hair client.
Religion is alcohol; an addiction to judging. So many people drink it’s poison and their minds get hazed. They become close-minded; obsessed.
Time.   It has grown these knarreled and misshapen oaks.   It has ravaged and swelled these grey grey graveyards.   And it faded  the once  great abbey into
I've started saying Grace, I thank Jehovah for my food.I didn't do that in the past but I've changed my attitude.Jehovah didn't have to give us taste buds but he wanted eating to be a pleasant experience.
The Bible told us that the Earth is round when people thought it was flat.People were afraid of falling off the Earth but the Bible contradicted that.The Bible told us that the Earth is round in Job 22:14.
We had some visitors that came from outer space.Those aliens came here to enslave the Human Race.I met the leader and he demanded that I bow down before him.
I have decided that happiness is not native to earth. Rather, I believe it to be stolen from some far away place delivered on sun rays, or rather taken from them, and swallowed whole here on earth.
When Jesus resurrects us in the future, we will live in paradise.There will be no sickness and no deaths, it will be very nice.Everybody will be best friends, we will all get along.
I never thought I'd slip this hard.  
I've always been a believer.. I used to believe I needed to be inhebriated to appreciate the things that he's created.  
When people do us wrong, Jesus doesn't want us to retaliate.He is the son of God so his words are something we should contemplate.
Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden because they angered the Lord.Jehovah blocked the entrance to the Garden of Eden with Angels and a flaming sword.
We die because Adam and Eve sinned.That is why our lives come to an end.Sin is what makes people grow old and frail.Sadly, we die because Adam and Eve failed.
The Bible is the greatest possession that we can own.If you live by Jehovah's rules, you'll never be alone.Owning a Bible is far greater than owning a Ferrari.Buy yourself or a friend a Bible, you won't be sorry.
I'll do anything you want, I'll obey your every command.I'll cross countries if you wish, I will go to any land.I want to be your humble servant, that is true.I love you deeply and I'll do anything for you.
Jehovah God becomes angry when people lie.It isn't always easy to tell the truth but we must try.I've lied to people in the past, sadly that's true.But in the future that's something I'll try not to do.
Jehovah God likes it when we thank one another.It brings him a lot of joy when we thank others.When somebody does something kind for us, we should say thank you.
With a long skirt and a purity ring With hoops and skinnies and hooker boots With a big Irish Family as Catholic as it gets With a brother that drank vodka at the driveins With a decently attractive hourglass body
Jesus was known as the Great Teacher.Performing miracles was his best feature.He taught us how to enter God's kingdom and live in paradise.If we love Jehovah God and live by his rules, that will suffice.
Their prayers call out shouting to a false god, a deity made of silicone and lies. Their lungs ache, their throats grow hoarse, but they will not-- cannot be silenced.
Maybe it's their sweetness or their powerful convictions with a dash of humble meekness   All so very diverse Yet morally all one It makes the fight much harder but ultimately more fun   
Lost in thought along slough pews–-   sweating doors–-   curdled smiles; sleepy summer minds
Jehovah and Jesus Christ are father and son.I'm in awe because of the miracles they've done.It was a sad and tragic day when Christ was nailed to the cross and took his final breath.
Is what I want what I need? Will you fill the void? They say more than him is greed But I want a voice Does that make me faithless? Am I too immature? It’s what I address But nothing is sure
To get closer to God, we must attend Church and pray.And there are Ten Commandments everybody must obey.We must live the way that Jehovah wants us to live.When we are wronged by people, we must forgive.
I have a hard time associating With women who wear Sterling silver cross necklaces, Telling tales that sex is an appeal to the devil.   Monogamy is a path to a bright afterlife,
I am my variation of being, solidifies my vessel:  breaking boundaries of self indulgence. Fixating on false beliefs. Trapped within words never spoken, but so clearly understood.
I am but a shadow of light.  I am darkness, but He is white.  He is my strength in the storm,  My courage when I am worn.  The shadow that is me  Haunts, creeps, and begs me to flee.
Torn apart between Two guardians’ religions As well as my own Torn apart between Celebrating both of two worlds Or neither at all
                                             When I became a Man
Some people think that Jehovah doesn't love them but that's not true.He loves each and every one of us and that includes you.God loves us so much that he knows how many hairs are on our heads.
Picture the summer of 2014. Driving on the freeway. Walking along the beach. Blasting music with the windows down.   Is this going to be a typical California summer? Not in the slightest.  
God is our hero and I love him.He's our only hope in a world that is so grim.We need God now more than we ever have before.God can save us, he's someone we must not ignore.
Praise Jehovah, I'll praise him all the way.I will praise him for the rest of my days.I will praise him until I die and in Heaven as well.When it comes to my devotion to God, I will never bail.
He wipes the dust of his Bible in times of need. Eats the bread cause he's hungry. Hungry because he plants the seed so God can see he still believes. He confesses he's sorry he's never seen In Church
I pray the rosary. It was recommended so a simpy by some man in robes claiming he represents the Holy. But he didn't have an actual answer for me. Instead he insists to have faith, keep praying.
To some God is an all powerful being, with power and might To others he's a mystical being delusional people pray to at night If there is a God, why do we suffer through pain
Tell me it’s wrong to wear the hijab which preserves my dignity 
My love is a chemical, a pulse, and a shock.   My heart is just meat beaten tender.   When I  throw up my hands they are only  bones in a row,
To get on God's good side, we must pray again and again.We must pray and ask Jehovah to wash away our sinsWe must treat everybody like a sister or a brother.We must show Jehovah that we love one another.
Three days Two feet One God Whole world
I drink to the greater being.                                                            81 I feel how this greater being comes,                                   82
I lay awake trying to speak to fate.
Some people plan to praise the Lord when they go to Heaven but they should praise him now.Jehovah deserves our praise and gratitude and if he were in front of me, I would bow.
Jehovah is wonderful and he deserves everybodys trust.But we're not essential to his existence, he doesn't need us.He doesn't need us but he does want us because he's full of love.
God created all life on Earth and that's the defintion of science.God is there for us and we can always count on him for reliance.When I tell you that God is a scientist, I'm not trying to deceive.
I believed in God like no other when I was youn
I love Jehovah and I'll love him for all of my days.How much do I love him, let me count the ways.1. I love him because he cares.2. I love him because he's fair.3. I love him because he's noble and just.
In life there are many decisions All of which you have a choice in Right now I face two decisions Let him go or pull him in closer Convert my religion in hopes of being with him
I walk beneath,
Some people think that Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in Jesus but we do.They think that we believe that Jesus doesn't exist but that is not true.We believe in Jesus and we believe in his father, the almighty Jehovah too.
The beginning of a story is always slow. But soon enough everything becomes routine and you forget how that lull felt. You forget how it felt to be innocent and unaltered by the world.
I'm right, you're wrong. And I have every right to write that I'm right, because I'm not wrong
God is his title but Jehovah is his name.When his son returns, people will no longer be sick and the animals will be tame.Jehovah doesn't demand our respect but he does deserve it.
God's son was Michael the Archangel before his birth.But he was named Jesus Christ when he came to Earth.Michael the Archangel was his name.He resurrected the dead and healed the lame.
God I don't know how to pray I do'nt know what to do I don't know what I believe But I know I want to believe in you Please help me to believe Reveal yourself to me Show me
"Listen," they say, "for his graceful whisper. 'I love you,' He says." "Wait," they say, "for his healing touch. 'I'l heal you,' He says." "Look," they say, "for his understanding guidance. 'I will lead you,' He says."
A killer of beasts Thats what I am. A soldier of God. He has chosen me to destroy the Evil.   All of the weak; a suffering man. the devil persists, but I am to protect 
They call Him "Our Savior".  Lord Jesus! Our Savior! You, the one who died for all of us. The one who gladly gave up His own life for us to be forgiven. You, a so called "myth" to most people,
I wake up in Egyptian cotton, sun coming in thr
In sunshine or rainIn pleasure or pain   In trial or triumphYou are my Godand You are enough.   You make the day,and end the night,Thank you Lordfor my religious rite.  
The Devil is trying to knock me down The Devil is intimidated by my mental But God says I’m the talk of the town There is something about me that’s elemental
I know I might get bashed for believing in my religion but honestly I don't care. I have a voice and I'm gonna use it. I've been through alot and surprisingly I'm stillmstanding but I wouldn't be without god and my family standing beside me.
I'm Abraham and God ordered me to kill my son.I didn't want to do it but I had to do what God ordered to be done.I was about to stab Isaac but God said to spare him, he didn't really want him dead.
  What possessed you to play? In a world where many straddle between unaffiliated and unbelieving it's the worst time to take on spirits you're not sure you believe in.
it's too much going on i have too many emotions wanna say my thoughts out loud but there's no one here to open up to me it seems like everything is breaking cause i'm looking all around
Do not love a man who drinks as if he is invincible (but complains about the hangover);
God will never forsake people but many have forsaken him.We need God now more than ever because things are so grim.Many have chosen to forsake God and live such sinful ways.
I don't need to be baptized to be able to love and serve the Lord.I love our creator and I know that one day Heaven will be my reward.Being baptized is a good thing but to get into Heaven, I don't think it's required.
The Egyptians made a golden calf and worshipped it.When the Lord learned what they did, he had a fit.They stabbed God in the back even though he saved them from being slaves.
To deal with HATE Of Race Of Religion Of Sexual Orientation How a person speaks Are we not children Of our planet? ~ Ricardo
Some may wonder about God's love for you But his devotion will never waiver Hear his book of messages and pursue And know his son will remain our savior He was with you at your darkest moment
— sui cædere… To make way for grief
King Solomon received a gift from the Lord, the gift of being wise.He was able to use his great wisdom to see through people's lies.When a woman stole a baby, she told King Solomon to cut it in two.
Jesus left Heaven to be one of us and God allowed his only son to go.Jesus died so that people will not be sent to the Lake of Fire below.Jesus performed miracles.He was truly remarkable.
Smoking Cigs while listening to post-punk. What a way to die. Sipping poisonous punch, staring at neon stars, observing couples symblozing the synths Did I accept or reject the lie Honeslty I am not sure
Jesus Christ was the greatest Jewish man who has been on the Earth.The world became a far greater place on the day of his birth.When Jesus was nailed to the cross, he died for people's sins.
It’s up to us to make it workbut how can weif death holds sway?And yet I still say:no, waitone minute now, shut your eyessee it therein your mind’s eyeshining from afar
She’s flying with the angels,Look at her go.She’s young and free again.The hardships don’t show.  
I'm all alone in this room, Sitting here in my stone doom. I'm all alone in this land. I'm not part of God's plan.   No more, I can't. Tears pour, I can.
the moon's like God's flashlight for the lost in the night sky; like God's spotlight to let you know he sees you and that you're a super star in your own right with your own light; like Heaven's porch light to let you know
The best thing that money is good for is that it tells us that God is who we should trust.In the Garden of Eden, God gave life to Adam after creating him from dust.
You stagger through the door, belligerent and blind. Anger that only spirits could invoke - menacing - gleering through your eyes.
God is with me every day, he's with me everywhere I go.If people wonder if he will abandon me, the answer is no.God is with me when I'm at my house, at the lake and even at Walmart.Everywhere I go, I carry God in my heart.
Some people believe in Darwin's theory but I don't.These people want me to believe Darwin but I won't.I can't believe in Darwin's theory because it goes against what the Bible teaches us.
He's the Son of God and he was the greatest man who ever lived.He's compassionate and he has always been willing to forgive.He's the Son of God and his blood was collected in the Holy Grail.
Adam was made of atoms.
Blood, drugs, tears, alcohol all mingled on my skin as I prayed to you  Long nights all alone and crying, praying for some relief to wash over me  only finding myself running closer to my self made finish line
Decide Take your time Life’s too short To waste on lies Tell the truth But only if it’s right Right and wrong You decide I’m sick and tired Of hearing that line
The birth of light shine forth from a bright light, it overcame darkest then received great sight. When man was created he looked for things to be right;
Once you have emerged from the beer damp and shivered tunnel, the sun will swallow you and spit you out—no, I swear—and then the stadium will open up before you like a modern cathedral.  If you get there early you will see the regular wo
Let’s Meet at the Gates of Heaven
We men have painted in blood a small, disproportionate portrait of our God.   Predestination of life and damnation, One trail but two gates for the will-less cattle, and Segregation by herds
Time and time again I have failed. All too often have I missed the mark. With so many sighs I have wailed. So many times have I let sin keep me in the dark.   With tiredness and fright
I really just want to speak a little of what's on my heart, Im
I've never let my race effect my progress
They say that insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results that if you're crazy, they'll lock you away and more among other cliches   they say
It was you who made the ravens crow. It was you who made the sun set. It was you who made them lose my luggage. It was you who brought me pain. It was you who made him leave us.
When we met you told me you loved me.   The people were passing  in an unusual rush. The mood was like when someone falls down; as if God pressed pause for a second to breathe.
Kim Kardashian. Taylor Swift’s new guy. Magazines and Social Media  flow in like the tide,
What is my mission? How can I inspire? I want to make a difference, but I’m just so tired.
You grab the purse off the rack like it'll save you from God. You take the drugs at the party since He can't really see. You kill your feet in new heels because your "man" said they're sexy.
We are all just specks On the dirty, dirty hands
Okay take it, Wait Hold on just one second.
As I grew up, I was a boy and I did not care and I did not know. The way I was living was just an average life. All through school, my friends were your average losers.
How dare you ask me who I would be without all these stereotypes?  Don’t you know that society has already defined me. Don’t you know that because I am female my main goal is to be beautiful.
There's too much discrimination, too many uncaring hearts, Some people only laugh when others are torn apart. Whether its racism or sexuality, no one seems to care,
Life is a river running endlessly into the Depression Ocean.i do my best to get out, but the current always pulls me back in.
Knowing every twist and turn, rise and fall,
You reach for me in the dark Warm hands knead my heart You whisper softly Baby you’ve got me You hold me in dreams Is this as real as it seems? I want to stay like this forever
It's not Rod Serling's Twilight Zone; that's not it. It's not the Kardashian's reality show; that's not it.
They say it's best to read your bible and that it's best to have a title,don't worship false idols, who's to choose, well at the top of the list is,"if it's at all tribal" it shouldn't exist,
Hate is a good thing, When it comes to bad things, But hate is for the next generation. When they look up to rap kings Who promote bad things, gold bling, and diamond rings.  
Every once in a while, I'm asked the question: Hey Ben, why don't you have a religion? Of course, a quick response of "none of youre business" follows But why? Because I see flaws. Flaws in the seas and the sky
With my words as my paint
 Dear God, why do we live in a world of hate?
So you found out Well, how do you feel? Me? I feel vulnerable Anxious Confused Judged Hurt Angry Destroyed This was a side of me that you weren't ready for
What do I believe in? Every sunday, as a little Jay I'd go to church to sing and pray In the back of sunday service I'd stay and play But as years came I began to sway No longer did I feel blessed
Take me to the garden on Eden. To the root of all my sin, to right my wrongs, and renew my soul. Take me to the garden of Eden. Bathe me in the water, Wash away my pain.
A pearl, Dipped in love and frosted with perfection,
Thoughts unhinderedTravel spry, in the form of prose,Observation won't ceasewhen the world slows.
Shudder and scream! A witch grows near! This is not a dream,  for the witch is here.    History is wrong.  A bad story told for far too long.       
We all have dreams, though most seem to never prosper We all are sinners, nothing can save this gospel The pigs we gobble, the devil we follow, the poisons we swallow, all lead to evil bethrothals
When do the lessons of fiction come and play into reality? Why does nonfiction become affliction and government becomes arbituary?   ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! They'll scream until they're blue.
He called them to the sea A boundless tempest raging Those of little faith witnessed it made still Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum Made still for the faithful to come   Without the storm
Do you know how hard it is to be me? They say we all have freedom, So when I chose to be like this They say it's wrong I should be like them. So what happened to the freedom? I am a black guy.
there's something so very strangeabout having to rearrangethe thoughts inside my headin order to go to bedbecause i just want to sleepbut my brain wants one more peepand, Lord, here's my soul to keep
Coming Out
I am a Mormon
My muscles, tender. I stumble and fall It is agony To get up again, But I do.   Because if I fall down, I slide much further- Further than where I  Want to be...
Oh Life, give me God! Oh God, give me life! And whatever else your capable of from high up above.   The God who made the notion of love. The God who turned a plain white bird
Crisp and clean, A perfect Christian pristine, With rosary beads stringed together with pearls, White as purity and perfectly soft curls.
Maximillian was a boy and oh, how coy was this boy to alleviate his cordoroy! It's almost scary to think of Teresa and Mary as an audience not contrary to the values Max deluged
    We live in a nation that's afraid of change  Religious nuts in our faces, acting deranged They preach and force Attempt to convert others on their course
It is in my darkest moments that I become religious. Not so that I can pray to the lord for better times, but so that I can blame anybody but myself. To blame some creator for problems I know I’m responsible for.
She awoke in the dark, with the moon in her eyes. She'd taken a chance; she'd been foiled by king's spies.
Authenticity The orgin of all truth The face of deceit
I feel God's love it builds me up helps me to see, I am enough. in a world of  constant striving,   i live through Him  never thriving.  He turns the table  so I can see 
Five rows down from the very front of the church,
There was a documentary on the History channelIt was about how all the gods worshiped throughout all time by all people were the same godHow Zeus was the same as Jupiter, and how Jupiter was Thor and how Thor was Jesus
I hide behind a silver cross that hangs from my neck, My grandmother’s, Because here atheism is a shameful word. But it’s true, I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe things are “meant to be,”
I am from cells, built together to make my mother’s uterus, If I wasn’t supposed to come out, then how did I,
Many times we sacrifice hopes and dreams thinking that by doing so we will achieve bigger dreams. We don't understand how many we lose in the road until we look back.
Clearest voice, sincere talks Laughing mouth, slow walks Walking with Him by my side, living with such heavy lies Guilt, guilt, with nowhere to hide
You are made beautiful in this. You are made beautiful in this. My crown of thorns, my hands red with blood. You are made beautiful in this. My wounds, my pain, my death. All this to set you free.
don't tell me things about myself that i know are lies   don't say that i am not good enough when i know the truth   don't say that i am ugly when i can see clearly  
You say you’re religious
If loving you was a world crime, then Lord, I'd take the death penaty for my time. Hung, shot, poisioned, or a sword.   I'm not changing my faith for some ignorant loser
Life is a muddle  of different opinions and beliefs What do I belive? It's all a whirlpool of confusion Swirling me around Until I no longer know what is right from wrong
The power of healing.
The Book of Mormon is true.
Round 1: You ask your parents how they feel about gay people "trash" "freaks" "sinners"
This is not an attack On any ideals But as an atheist I say I can feel as I feel Don't lecture me with your god Because I don't believe If I'm burning in hell, you'll be first there you see
I know that with my religion people make assumptions, I know that what I believe in sometimes comes with consequences. But why must we judge others on what they believe in?
Mists spring from the water.  The fountain of youth is before your eyes. The soft chiming of bells can be heard in the distance. It’s the end of the journey: a long pilgrimage. Stand before your gods.
Dear God, This is a letter from your queer daughter. Wait, hold up did this girl just say queer? "You are not a child of God!" Someone shouts! Oh shut up! This is my letter. Anyway you know I grew up in church
TRAPPED TRAPPED TRAPPED within a society that constantly wants to dissect love and diagnose a cure. A society                    that thinks like a big suit corporate overlord using the strings of our hearts as puppet
I envy those that shine in the light, Those who aren't afraid to fight for who they are. For every time I think it's time, For every time I say that this moment, this one is surely mine,
I stand alone amoungst my friends we have our differences I belive in one God they belive in society we have our differences they all hate they mock they laugh
On the edge of the milky way I stand
  According to legend, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She had demanded to be treated as his equal and was not given her request - so she left him. God sent three angels after her to bring her back by force, but she did not go with them.
Behind my smiles My good deeds My leadership My love for others Behind the eyes of those who look highest of me Who seek my guidence Behind all that i am I am paranoid
The other me is someone only seen by few, Someone not as corageous or as sure of what to do. Inside I'm scared of letting others down, Scared of rejection or the real me to be found.
i cannot find those words i wrote how can i when i wrote them long ago weeks years months seconds lifetimes how can we find anything in this world
i thought i was faulty attributed a lack of sexuality to the fact that be i was hurt by a man who said he loved me
Faith People say that we are molded by our experienes I have looked death in the face I have seen friends perish People have burned before my eyes My future was never certain Each day became a gift
The god you seek
Dear God,
A Mormon, Baptist, and Agnostic talk about God. It shouldn’t sound like a joke. Our minds shouldn’t say comparing culture is foolish. Yet it is still just a joke. That Mormon is a girl, just a woman.
How nothing can compare to the deepest of lights! Not the brightest sun, nor the moonlight night. For the palace this transcendent light withholds,
God I wish you'd stop by and say hi. So that we can talk about life. And answer all the reasons why. Like why do we have to die. Or why do we have to cry And why do we have to lie
"YES" she screams...
Led by decievers, sharp-toothed shepherds, by wolves decorated in the palest of fleece, the sheep fall into line. Spiritual catharsis the addiction, they tie the beaded tourniquet,
I want past pain's sky always taunting me, she teases me She told me I'd never get away The way I dread-locks pain inside me She shacked up with her man, Misery They play sad tunes on strings
God I have been whispering your name since I could form words in my mouth My first prayers were led by parents over dinner tables The right phrases whispered into my ear as I eyed the chicken nuggets on my plate
I mouth dirges in the Cimmerian shades
It feels soft, smooth, curves at the bust.
Nobly and drab, heavy curtain hangs toward justice. Righteousness hides primitive desire’s poetry read to the meter of heartbeat. Sacred service, trust, churning guilt at the ignition,
Upon this TreeWritten by Adam M. SnowLook upon this tree,a Man hung for us to see.
God's HeavenWritten by Adam M. SnowA vision splendid of the Heavenly scene,filled my mind with an image so clean:
This Lost LambWritten by Adam M. SnowOh by the morning strike of dayand by the calm obscure of night,
Have it all from my head to my feet no matter how tall reach up and take me I am yours you are mine the God who changed water to wine even in a blink of an eye
Men kneel to kings,         And kings kneel to gods.     And though no monarchy holds my allegiance, And no deity my faith,
My moms sent me an email and said read it and do what I do best which is telling the truth.   See I’m only 20 and I love to spit the truth because I make people think about something that they thought they already knew.  
Well I've been sitting around lately
Word after word
To be a Muslim "Terrorist", "camel jockey" You clearly don't know
I watch my life slip away,
Before proceeding, you must first understand one basic primordial idea that my family and I have lived with for most of our lives: the idea of one true God.
Our bones are as deep  Like the Nile in Africa.  Why do we question it?
Imagine a train station- Bustling with people- Crammed with bodies and breath, Eyes looking towards the ground- Avoiding those whom are pressed against them in every direction,
I have a dream:That I will love you forever.And by forever,I do not just mean my time in Earth,But also my time In heavenWhen I kneel at your feet,In praise and glory,
I write to you today
"You did this" I think this as I try to sleep my first night at my fourth foster home that year. I am ony six years old. As that night was not cold, my heart was chilling to my soul,
I'm wondering if I'm going to heaven or hell. I should know just that so many lies people tell. Corrupts my intel. They say I'm destined for damnation. They put me on the spot like Dalmatians.
It’s vital to know, the stakes I conceive Are heaven or hell, nothing or rebirth But how can I know when I must believe?  
Why can't we all get along and sing a song why must bullying occur everywhere and on the web Why can't these men be a father while the woman play both parts in a child's life
The day I gave you my life  shed tears the way you shed your blood for me  declared my love for you the way you've always shown your love for me that is when The Chase began..  the devil wanted me 
Beating down bright upon me—oppressively, oh, the brute                                                                   Insouciance all-encompassing within and around                                                                        
Small towns with big voices No wandering sheet music can be found here I have no reason to search for it, I haven’t heard a stray tune The chorus has its prose, and its stories, and I hear them and feel nothing
I reach for the canister of ash And take my thumb and smear it On my neck, like a holy gash.   I wear my thread every day. I don't question my faith and I never look the other way.  
So I've created a mission To spread my decision To talk about my beliefs about the topic of religion. A touchy subject, people get defensive, But it's a result of the way it gets presented.  
Just one more hit. Everyone else is stoned and wasted beyond help. Sorry God, I tried to contain myself. Uh, what's that over there? Someone brought ecstasy!   Cool, man.
I speak for Him- it’s not my fault That all those people died He made me- He told me Therefore I’m justified
Those minisculed waves resemble my resentful, wrinkled handsAs we descend this goddamned surfaceInto the oblivion called sky and the heavens.
I can see a city,
I crawled but then I slipped I sought to be but bumbled I walked and then I tripped I dared and soon was humbled
How well is my destiny written down That times are exact Situations are perfectly placed with the ideal obstacles That made the encounter with him magical  
Love everyone thou shall not kill thou shall not covert thy neighboors wife give to the poor   hate gays pro war, fuck ya 'murica wanna hear a joke? women's rights
Ohh..Noo.Here comes that rubber band man again... 
As I come into the age of majority The world becomes both lucid and murky In the recesses of my mind. I am faced with a crippling melancholy that no amount of serotonin could Ever counteract.
The apple equals the entire poem.
If you appreciate my culture, As much as you claim, You should know   Your disgusting Urban Outfitter’s shirt Desecrates My God’s name.   A sacred image Against
I’ve never been able to bow my head long enough to pray Too consumed by the urge to peek I’ve always been more concerned with what was going on around me –
Are we not all searching for a reason to live? Searching for our origin and our destiny?
Why do people need The presence of a god To do what's right? Why can't they do The right thing Just for the sake of being good? Is someone really good If they only do good things
Is anyone up there? Tired of wondering where, warn out on wondering how, and never getting a reply. If evil is the problem, who can give us the answer? If God is the ultimate good,
landing lights stomp ancestors awaken themselves on my hand, belongs the nail of a great-great grandmother on my face is an ancient beauty mark, belongs to a great-great-great grandfather
"I am not religious", I tell them. I'm just not. I am not rejecting religion. Just after all these years of having christian religion shoved down my throat I'm just not interested, you know?
For what you do not know could be for better or for worse. To say this one or that one or what about none? For what we see hindsight seems like 20/20 But in the midst of the rising
Religion is a vision Perception of the soul
It is hard to conceive, What humans can not perceive. From undead beings, To god-like deities.   Although incomprehensible Through science and worship, We blindly follow,
Let Me Tell You
Tonight Dear father, I put aside my greed. To pray for those who really are in need. For the children crying, beaten black and blue. I hope they get the chance, to live and fulfill their youth.
Sometimes its hard to let go
-Dreamers are dreamers, we all dream of something  -Some dreamers are "fake-believers", and those become "unachievers" -To find what drives you, and imbrace it, is actually living the "dream"
It's dark and alone in here But I still bite my tongue because it's better I don't mind the spiders and ghouls The reward means so much greater I would rather be what I am not To please my own kin
What is my college education for 
Loneliness is like an abyss A world filled with endless darkness A place where light is consumed   The heart trembles because darkness laughs It shivers because the shadows devours the soul
Religion is more powerful than your government’s atomic bombs.   Mamas and papas drag their kids behind them down the rows of pews worn by years of futile prayers.  
Believed in what is not true, Faith is what it is, or is it? False is what I break, Truth is what I make, or do I? Destroy what I need, Create what I want, or do I?
I've seen you and yet I haven't
"You're an atheist?!" "You know you're going to hell right?" "I'll be praying for you." Yes. I'm an atheist. No that does not mean that I worship Satan, or I hate religion, or I hate God, or
Who knew crossing a line could make such a change?
-I walk into the restaurant tightly holding onto my Father's hand. All around, I see other guys.
-It was all fun and games.
What is there to be said When all the pictures have been painted, when wordsmiths more skilled have woven better phrases Who am I, who am I?Sometimes overcome by Christ's curious effect upon the soul;
The sky has turned grey, the world a state of decay. What is there left to do, when they all count on you? Save them from a god, who they think no longer cares? Bring them into the light of truth and disappoint them?
I've learned many things In the eighteen years of my life, Many of them being rather disconcerting. Perhaps to you, But not so much to me.
Alone and lost in the forest with only the sound of your feet hitting the dirt, only your flashlight to light the way you feel as if you're the only one left on the earth.
I sit aloneon the ruins of human failure.On a stonemade of the promises broken.Feet underneath me,to stand would be impossible.I weep softlyon the ruins of human failure.
I’m sorry fatherSometimes I forget to pray
My father who has given me eternal life. My Lord who always finds in his heart to forgive. My God who is there for me, Eventhough, I am constantly not there for him.  
What is time? I've never understood. It's how we measure our lives, but i'm not sure that we should.   We don't expect to live, but yet, we breathe. We continue to stay here and Be.
Sometimes I sit up at night I can't help but to dwell on all of the things wrong with me i'm lonely most nights I try to figure out why i'm alone
Of the darkest nightswhen pain and tears are sheded,there is always hope.
Through the Holy GatesHe hears our prayersand tries to help us.
For I have known the eyes already, known them all, Eyes that fix you in a formulated phrase, And when I am formulated sprawling on a pin When I am pinned and wriggling on the wall
Help me father
Finding God is impossible No one can proclaim that God created the heavens and the earth That is ridiculous, for we should realize Evolution Is the truth Creationism, and Christianity
Could you love one whom you've never even seen? Could you cry for an ambition you've never even believed?
A poem has changed since we were little; “Here is the church, here is the steeple, Open it up...”
It started with four words Let.  There. Be. Light. And so his light shined on the world No brighter light that’s ever been seen before A prelude to one of the greatest stories known to man kind
I went running I have to stop, breathe and breathe When I tilt my chin for air, I see the sky I start to weep because I know nothing is beyond that sky Empty space waiting to do something, but it can't
I can't see you.
Dear God I don’t understand  why you would leave me.    I prayed,  my God, I prayed so hard,  I followed your rules,  I preached your word, 
The smoke creeps perfect ‘neath and ‘round each hearse, as liquid darkness consumes the light over all the Earth. Bodies lay everywhere dead lifeless to noise and sound, to
I knew there was something truly magical about the trees.  My little sister, nature's mortal fae,  taught me how to speak to the trees.  It was the most amazing phenomenon 
Pray to her God, his Savior, their Saint Hold your hands to the One who determines their fate! Kneel down for them, to the Almighty King Partake in their wailing, dance with them, sing!
The story of a corrupt society The alcoholic priest preaches about sobriety Religion brainwashing people Children sexually abused in the steeple
I am half-Mexican and Half-Cajun. This means two things; - One - I am HOT!I have the taste buds of a volcano (and the temper of one too) and don’t get me started about this *bronze complexion*,
You and I are made of stars,
  A beginning.  The dawn of a new time Stretching its claws from conception
I ask for forgiveness, I am not worthy
Dense black sky stars drip in from millions and millions of miles away. From here
It's not healthy, I know  Like I'm just putting on a show  Writing rhymes to forget  That I am very sick.    Maybe something's not right  This worsening plight 
I’m not allowed   My God is gentle, He is sweet, He is kind He has given me my body, soul, and mind  
are we the glistening flakes of snow that fall between trees? the sum of every analogy could not describe what I believe; what being human means to me. and if my god is out there,
Living in
I am not who you think. I am more than this. I have to be. I will not end. Some part of me remains.  
There are Two Million of you Hundreds in our school One of your facilities on ever block, if not more And all you have to say is: YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!  
Humanistic Conditioning
I step into the tub.
If God made me, and he makes no mistakes, then I am not a mistake. I must live like I am not a mistake, and make the most out of life as a Christian. All that I’m living for now, will it be here tomorrow?
Stuck in a glass mirror
A bunch of hypocrite christian the land of no religion spreading rumor talking shit what happen to the worship
tell me to go to hell tell me i'll burn there tell me i'm the devil's spawn i really dont fucking care   tell me you'll pray for me tell me you have hope tell me i'm not that bad
Would it be so hard to touch a heart?
T’was not at once mine own love with her fell
Carrotsticks. Carrotsticks to invisible pink unicorns. Carrotsticks to alien beings in your head. Carrotsticks to spirits. Carrotsticks to flying spaghetti monsters. Carrotsticks to Olympian Gods.
I was a turtle. I don't remember My life as a turtle. Nor do I remember My future life as a ruler. But I say I was Because my parents said so.   My life is in the hands
I once heard the saying “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked t
  I am white.                                                    Lineage?                                    Eastern European.                                           Religion?
I am a very religious heterosexual female. I am currently dating a guy, going on a year now. We are very happy together and we've even discussed marriage way down the road.
Lost in the darkness Although never knowing light Their souls silently searching
People use scripture for every argument, With hate and vigor It seems they're incompetent of showing love.   The simple truth: Everyone's a sinner And we're all hypocrites.
America land of the free America  home of the brave  America land of the whites? America home of the hate? America  land of the different America home of the same 
I spend my days avoiding mirrors.
When worse comes to worse, push comes to shove, you can always look above. Freedom of religion, we're so diverse. Too bad it's really just a curse. No one will accept anyone's beliefs,
I heard the grass is greener on the other side Only if you abide By the rules they preach to sinners Only those who reach it are truly winners And the everlasting pulsing is gone I’m coming home
I look around only to find Sixteen year olds are pregnant, Twelve year olds are getting high.   Innocent people are getting shot And teens are committing suicide,
I see religion as a cafeteria
People say religion is like a game show
Why hate? Who cares? It's none of your  business ma'am. Don't raise your kids Then hit another man. Level out  Then love.
Father, I must confess, I know a man. A very troubled man. A man who is need of your prayers. He is merciless like the devil, An insomniac’s restless night,
From the outside looking inI spy the winds have changed,Through the window I seeAll the things deranged.  
It is said to be best served cold. It grows in your soul incripting like mold. Such a sinister idea, an evil from the inside. From the dawn of time to present day. It infects everyone of us worldwide.
What kind of belief have you got up your sleeve? I believe there's nothing to believe So get out and never come back And go home to your stupid little shack Since if you believe nothing then you have no hope
You died died so I could live. You were beaten so I would be healed. You rose so I could believe. There is none like You. Who is this King of Glory? You are exhalted. You're name is the mightiest.
    Ever since I was young, I was told to behave. 
  White clouds the sky with her 
A little girl feels thatShe will end up alone.A young boy has noFather figure within his home.These things are well known,But will change when I run my household.
Lost and afraid, our youth wander alone “What am I? Who am I?” they cry and moan Frustrated they scream “I can’t find myself!” Then anorexia destroys their health 
These things are running through my mind God's path for me is hard to find. It's true, there are things that I do wrong Maybe sing the dirty parts of a song...
I love you.
it's 9:00 on a sunday morning and instead of being home with my beloved Pop-Tarts and my homework that I wouldn't be doing anyway
The Ocean and Its Sand   The Pelican was there, I believe, though now long gone. Still, the heart beats and the mind wanders on. The early fog has disappeared; feather clouds take its place.
I feel the mysterious paint dripping down like a cape Containing the worlds lies that I thought I could escape
I am the strange man. The man that is a boy. The boy that is a man. I play words as a decoy, I refuse to write and wrong with the same hands. So I try to write as well as I can.
A grey spot with a glimpse of sorrow
when i was young,i believed i would go straightto hell for questioningthe good book and god:
I believe that people use religion as a way to escape reality.  However, I love Jesus. I believe that work is just a way to get paid.  However, I love my job.
Dear God, I heard you're up there But I don't know you like I should, cuz it’s felt like you’re not here. And now you’re showing me what love's supposed to be,
I don't want an affair; I want a wife
I, the student, seized on a night of cold, Booked and found guilty, for reasons unknown. Immediately, my freedom was sold, Despite my friends' pleas, I was all alone.   Later, while I was brutally tested,
       Oh God                                                     
Jesus looks like me Her face is brown Her neck is long She cranes her head Over the world She watched behind Red robes. Her curly hair Stands up high It sings praises
I watch over the world From my throne above the clouds Watching the people pass by As if they think I'm not around   They question my existance Their words pierce my heart Why can't they see
When all you have left, Is faith What is left, When all faith is lost?
  There's Someone knocking at the door,Never going to go awayTime and time again you hear Him,Keep asking to come in and stay.
Searching the skies I found a light That could be the key to my soul's flight A mutual embrace with a knowledge of right To take me out of and reverse my plight.   Longed-for comfort through clouds of pain
I belive in one God creator of heaven and earth  because thats my religion since my birth  it doesnt matter if you believe in ying and yang  or that the world was created with a big bang
Some believe in a greater being, Some do not.  From what I've found true in divinity, I found no to much more freeing.    But if I had a second shot, I would pray,
They let Ma do it; An aesthetic state of who she was Becoming greater in a different world. They let Ma do it; She is the harbinger of a spirit to be unfurled. They let Ma do it; 
You are special in every way You are simply cute all round You emergence into my world is awesome You brought hope, peace, joy, laughter, wealth and love
Dear Adam,  Do you remember the garden?  Does the wind take you there still? In waves and hurricanes of memory and emotion, does that land there return?  
You think the world changing
Who He Is, Can't Be Explained He Is Called Many Names He Has Given Many The Strength They Need To Proceed,
Everyone seems to have all these high expectations for me,  for I am a preacher's daughter, I am a "smart" person, I am innocent.   No one expects me to slip up. I am not allowed to get a bad grade,
Denying your presence is known todayYour blood and body keeping us goingSeems people are praising every SundayAlthough looks like thoughts haven't been flowing
I walk through the Valley of Darkness alone Nothing was ever there to call my own   It's a long way down when you're up so high But still I told myself that bittersweet lie  
  Fear has no definite definition, or provisions but is without a doubt the basis of this country’s decisions.
The thoughts I have here,Will never be found anywhere else.The feelings I have here,I'll never feel anywhere else.The love I have here,I'll never have anywhere else.
Be still. Be resilient.Do not bother God, for He is always busy.If you must have faith, keep it safe in your lungsDistend it with every uttered gasp,Humble it with every sigh.
Be this your occupation Or unholy mutilation We walk the earth in unity United in our scrutiny
With it we define, the meaning of life The need to realign, without much strife To impose our odds, beyond our right
With it we have created monuments containing artistry and Beauty. Yet we have also pillaged and destroyed each others lives and things. We have used it to try and spare all life.
No, You cannot and you will not be nothing more than you are now You are not a butterfly, no pretty wings will sprout from your nonexistent limbs ; you will forever be a worm
Go to hell. Take nothing but the sins on your back And the coils of lies you have spun. It should be easy for you to talk to everyone there, Because you all speak
You sing him hymns, hoping he'd see you through. You tell me his words cannot be fathomed. But what if they were never true?
I am Broken
Do not ask me to give him my heart,
Simple as
Welcome to the Mourners' Bench Where I can not say no A place for all the burdened minds
Rain   Look while it drips and rains He feels our pain Yes, like us he weeps and cries Hence the drops fall from the sky While grieving for the fate of man And the rejection of His mighty hand
I've tried to make sense of it all, but reasoning fails, which leaves me falling down again, to where I began to misunderstand this life.   If the only absolute is the knowledge that there's no truth,
She is small, but puts the mighty in God Almighty. Her eyes are worldly and her lips are wise, Speaking words of wisdom upon just meeting, Her ears can hear the voiceless' cries.
Destroyers of thought. The greatest horror of all.  Proselytizers.
What do you do when there are no words to expressall the thoughts you've barely fathomed into a conscious
I open the window and my hairs stand on end. The clouds hang low and the tree branches bend.   Triumphantly the wind sings; WHOOSH! comes its longing tune. This is one of my favorite things,
I wrote this poem  because of a journal entry I wrote entitled--"Entries from an agnostic." T
What do my demons look like?   Beautiful, appealing on the outside, they tempt even saints. They steer off the path those who have the smallest complaints.   Finding these small holes in faith
Let's Call It Love Swearing? That’s not allowed. Your bra strap is showing, what are you a prostitute now? This is a church, not the street,
When I'm alone I turn to Him. When my heart's all gone
The Child of Darkness The Child of The Night Searching though Darkness Searching through The Night   Hunting for Brightness
Falling, Falling, to my death. Dropping through the clouds. Airplane dropping right next to me to its death.
Love is patient Love is kind We are made in the image of God Love conquers hate Love makes us human Love your neighbor as yourself   Evil is wrong Evil is sinful
Morning sinks its roots
Dead man walking Sentened by the boss Look who's talking Sorry for the loss Dead man walking   We'll get there somehow But where are we now?   Let's get rolling
A practically endless stream of copies lines the shelves at just about every store we can think of.It’s printed so very often.By so many different publishers.
New vs. Old   A worn out bible, Bought from a drug store in the middle of nowhere.
“You pray, God listens.” The biggest lie I’ve ever heard. He wasn’t there when I laid dying, He wasn’t there when I asked for advice,
What be of
Stuff You can’t say to your Teacher Dear every white teacher that I have ever had, Yes, calling on me while my hand is down to answer your questions about the black community while I am
Life is but a picture painted by God Everything we discover and every step we take Is another brush stroke in his creation From every atom to every galaxy there is beauty For us to find an adventure which is life
Fulfilling My Dream  Hello my name is Mozlefa,
The sour taste of wine Some false bread aged over time And a quiet pastor of loyalty. Crying babies of false misery And the confusion of glass paintings The colors of Jesus Christ raining.
Look at me and tell me I didn’t fight for my rights. Because twenty-four hours seems more like twelve rounds And some days the bell doesn’t sound. Their blood runs through my veins
Dear Lord, And then the thought vanishes Like ink words never written on a page. The words that fall like glistening coins from my lips Lack backing in a truer currency.
Beatitude between us,Wove a cloak of blue.Rally the grove, Pan,Seraphim are true!Hearken, sweet Venus,And linger your love, too.At last, wed your myrtle, for a crown is lined with pearls anew. 
Life is all you got Religion has always been their    Didn't understand why to go
            In this day and age, She made love With the wrong man— Her father. A love without consent; A love filled with hate; A love that brought new life. He slaughtered the life—
Dear God, give me guidance Please just take this walk with me For I've lost sight of you, and the Devil is all I see. Lord, I'd rather be blind Than witness nothing other than lies.
At school the other day, I was asked not to pray. It rocked me and shocked me. What could I say? I am but a student that is meant to obey. But did they have the right to ask me not to pray?  
Stuck under the microscope Pins through wrists and feet Dried lips once muttered how to cope And conquered Death’s compete
It only makes you feel better To admit to the sky As if someone's listening And yet you ask why Why you get no answers And why there's no relief I can tell you why You have no belief
Religion It should be something people have a freedom to
Out in public You can get looks For the way You blow your smoke Not giving a damn  Who walks by And you still  Swear like a sailor  On the phone
I like to pretend that God saves everybody That he saves the young atheist down the block And the girl who had a baby in middle school And the boy who used to believe in him
I seek no safeguard or heaven, Nor purgatory or hell for crime, I do not search for god or demon, I care not for the religious sublime.   I do not want an eternal soul,
they say I'm a loser, i say I'm anomalistic. optimistic, perhaps wise to the things of the spirit. cannibalistic maybe, i eat the flesh of my savior. but man does not live by bread alone,
I allowed them to leave their misery between my vertebrates, attach their lust on the wailing wall of my body Hide their redemption between my hips
No matter how much I express myself and people sympathize to understand, there's still that part of me that's never really known. All alone. It craves to have light shed upon it,
It's just another day, still hanging by a thread. When I open my eyes, to see a pillow and a bed.Where I lay my head, I think to myself thank god I'm still alive and not found dead.
Religiously Politically Accurate   Politics and morals Don’t go hand in hand Maybe this is the reason That religion is banned.   “Religion’s not banned, it’s your right,”
That old book, in the corner, dusty and left behind. That is God to me. That book will always be there for me and anyone who needs him.
So I'm suppose to sit here like I have no sense? Your white collars praise the past so there's no past tense. If you can't live in the past there are no regrets, and your water still expects us to pay infinitive debts.
I am that HijabThat cloth, that fabricThat symbol, that fearIn people’s eyes Why does she wear it?
I want to ask you  if there is some connection  between the religious pendant on your wrist and the dark skin that it halos. I want to ask you if you can feel the collective sigh
I walked a mile to high school everyday. I sat for six hours. I learned about subjects that I didn't care about. When school was over I walked a mile home and spent my own time  doing more work.
Who is to say I am going to Hell, Without knowing my full story? Without knowing how I will spend my life? Without knowing all of me? Where will I go for being true?
Conformity is like a box, Your as sly as a fox. You try to sneak in your ways, This is not a game everyone plays. Its so serious, Dont act mysterious. I have my beleifs as you do yours.
When I am twelve my cousins    ask why I never go to church Because I don't believe in God    I qualify   a Judeo-Christian one    that is they gape   the lack of God    new in the way a thorn is
Company, Mindless thoughts to tell them, Saying what you think. Bright one early Sunday, He took my hand in his claiming it. Choppy words and sounds, Playing through the day,
Different x5 You see I am different No matter which way you... Swing it, write it, or say it Say it, write it, or swing it Different I am
I be sleeping while awakeGirl kiss me while I wakeMoney ain't a thingNot for the gold chainPeople go insane all for the fame
What was it you were thinking?That fateful day you leapt,out of those burning towers,as we all looked on... and wept.
I wanna be close to yoy every single day I wanna follow you every step of the way.   Your ways are ways are stright and narrow help me discern these confusing arrows.  
It's the beauty all around, that calls sweetly to deaf ears. Persisting that it's presence be found, but not many hear. A voice melodic, story hypnotic, with love and sadness intermingled. Eternal love and freedom began with strife.
   As you March through this life, Your steps are forever traced- Legends- are left behind Precious Memories, are scattered- throughout this earth.
I stopped talking to godwhen I was 15because your eyes seemed softerthan oak church pews.
When I was young I had a special friend And right from the start I knew he'd be there thill the end.   We didn't need to talk He knew my every thought Sometimes I ignored him,
Its crazy to go from a gangster to a christian A loud mouth to a listener A gun toter to a bible holder A brother fighter to a man molder To go from ripping and running the streets To hymnals moving my feet
Time ran outI stood stillFelt full of doubtLooked out of the windowsill And as I thoughtA little moreI heard a knockingAt my door
They tell me who my God is But how can they know my God When they do not know me? They tell me why to follow, to obey, to submit The scriptures and holy texts are law Unbreakable, unforgiving
God? God?! Can you hear me? I scream your name every day. I patiently wait for an answer, but I never receive one. I want to her you speak to me.
Don't teach me to be a hypocrite; Juding people who don't think what I think, Labelling people who don't do what I do, Arguing with people who don't believe what I believe.  
The sky turns dark A deep black falls upon us. The angels cry as the Earth pushes further away from the Golden Gates. Twenty centuries of deep sleep. The great hands try to shake
Force fed faith, She refused to swallow. Knowing not to bite The hand that feeds her, But she still snaps. Her only way out.
I peer into your eyes,they quaver and fillbig, somber: greenthey overflow and spill. The tears thunder down your cheekslike the towers in the daythey crash and they screamfaster than anyone can pray. Your flushed cheeks utter gaspsof horror and pa
I’m slipping You see, some days I wake Not fully realizing the opportunity I have to cease the day And instead of treasuring such beauty I become distracted by the essence of myself
Somewhere along the road to Zion, I fell from the narrow path It's time that I return from iron, it's time that I head back It was written in the form of lions, which created a clamp
The world is as ugly as it is beautiful, as evil as it is good, as cruel as it is kind, as cold as it is warm, as dark as it is bright— but you will always have a choice on which side to take.
​Undying feelings, Never rested eyes, All these feelings that fit in my life. Academics, Home, Chores, Parents, Love, Divorce, and College, A never ending stream. Thoughts and feelings, 
At five years old, I hardly understood The tragedy that had just occurred. I vaguely remember my kindergarten teacher Frantically racing from one room to another Desperately trying to gather information
God gathered the dust in his hand, Formed his greatest creation. He gave but one command: “Knowledge is for me alone.”   God knew, of course, That man would disobey. Curiosity is a deadly force;
  We are like one crayon, in a box full of crayons. There are bright ones and dark ones, sharp ones and dull ones.   Sometimes we get lost and unused. We feel dark and dull and without hope.
hands and knees burn from the rug’s roughness and the trees bow their heads children’s faces wet with the sins of yesterday ropes pulled
  The voice of the clock ticks As I sit & think My time begins to shrink   Sitting in a room full of desperstion & need Trying to put all the beeds onto one string
When you look back at history you notice certain patterns How people fought for rights or did things that mattered MLK said he had a dream Some stated what they believed  
Catholic school does a number on a child, He never knows what to believe. Dear God, that woman in the habit she rapped my fingers time and time again when I’d take the Lord’s name in vain,
Take a look inside my life I bet you think it's perfect no strife but its actually the opposite the constant consonant of a continent that's how my life is when you look on the other side but it feels like there's nobody by your side it's tough.
Don't try and tell me who I am I get enough of it by society don't judge because "you know" maybe we are the same size but not same shoes don't assume we're all delenquents  some of us just want help
It's everyday nowI'm always the targetI didn't ask to be gay, it just happened.They always torment me, "You're gonna go to hell."He pushed me into the back corner"I can make you straight"
I saw a man enter Heaven once; His last breath was Hallelujah The priest showered blessings Upon him,  In the hopes that His Lord, Would receive him  Peacefully. He did. I once saw
Dark and angry is the day The streets are empty The sun shows not a ray Sadness permeates the houses Staring like empty tombs Increasing the thickness of the gloom I wander through the abyss
Am I the only one to look up at the sky and wonder What is beyond the stars yonder Like a sponge I soak up information About anything that I can find
What Do You MEAN I'm Suspended?  Im not allowed to say that in class? Im not allowed to say that thinking about taking my life isn't me being a coward but instead you being inconsiderate?
Take the time to listen, Take the time to know, Take the time to hold on, To that which is truly good.
I knew that I loved God and I thought this was enough I lead retreat, I said my prayers I clung to him when times got tough so now you say I'm wrong in believing what I do
If my body is a temple, you are my act of worship. I yearn for your touch, yet they quote "the Truth." I indulge in your warmth, and they reference "the Word." I trace the lines of your lips,
All intellectuals are atheists   it started when i parted home to downtown to sit down with an intellectual crowd for chow immediately i guessed which guest was the most proud
DARKNESS fills my sould. HATRED fills my thoughts. The LIGHT is too far. I will NEVER see it again. Fuzzy...different...this is quite serene. I now realize what those words mean. HOPE is written out. LOVE is within this text. I FEEL it.
  Father, forgive me for I have sinned; But worse than the others, I’ve sinned against him. Father, forgive me for I have sinned; But given the choice we both know I’d do it again.  
Through the wilderness, I find a blessing. I hear a voice that whispers in the air. Despite my weakness, I hate confessing That something is clinging without a care.  
My mother is the queen, For control is all that matters.   My father is the king, The foreseer of decisions.   Mother fends for her bishops, But they cannot save her children.  
Who Is He?   Who is this God that people talk about? Where does He do His work? Why is He so important?
I feel alone in this empty shell no one knows my hell I thought I had control But you wouldn't leave me alone now I'm stuck in this house You're a cat I'm a mouse If I'm alive 
Can you take the raindrops from my brain? They blurred my vision and the path to admission. Can you take the raindrops from my brain? They hurt my ambitions on completing the mission.  
when no one else was around, You found me. You picked me up like a penny on the sidewalk.   when no one else was around, You saved me. Your mercy emerged,
She spends her time looking for truthIn the ruins of BabelAmong the pariahs and lepersJust another lost soulTurned away from societyHer only crimeWas to loveThe wrong soulThat sung half truths
Hail Mary, full of grace Keep me safe in your embrace When did life become this race of who could wear the shortest skirts and tightest shirts
We are undefined by words alone, the ones who stand, the rolling stones. They will say stand out in a crowd and try something newBut heaven forbid that you actually do.
Trapped up in emotions will she ever get out? Living without fear but still facing doubt. So many things in this world she would love to obtain, going  through so many phases but still trying to remain sane.
  My Love,   You are my heart, my joy, and my bride. For you, I took the nails and the wound in my side. For you, I was beaten beyond recognition. For you, I lived knowing I’d endure crucifixion.
I saw Saint Mark in her room, my mother told me,  beside Bible verses, embroidered pillows, a picture of Jesus holding her in his arms, all 89 pounds. Miriam was 15, my mother began, before she melt into a coma,
They speak of heresy and witchcraft  But create gods out of Men They make me the martyr And forget that to spill blood is still a sin. I am stoned for a word
They speak of sunday obligations, academics moral television   This in place of spirituality knowlege art   Cocktail party filler you could write
God is the ultimate artistWith His fine, illustrative beauties of the worldThe complexities of intricacyPsychedelic impossibilityEye exploding colorsContoursContrastTime in linePast future
Can one attain the ability to Invoke happiness onto Himself or herself Would denial have to tie into This indefinable equation Although to each his own But what is its definition
The greatest fall of modern civilization, was abandoing the philosophy that kept us from the coffin. Aristotle and Aquinas held the keys, to western civilizations victory. In his metaphysics they lay,
DECiSIONS   I'm very upset right now... But I'm not gonna let it show through  I feel like I could just cry saying boohoo   I'm stronger than that  The woman I am, can stand, 
So I woke up one day and wondered where I was headed because I can't look back my past it has been embeded No time for regrets so I gotta keep moving but ironically I can't move because my past wasen't soothing
I hated you. I cursed at you. I clawed at the sky at times hoping that my wicked hands might scratch your face.   You hated me. I thought you did.
I'm supposed to be where wings are made but I'm not sure how to fly yet. When will that person come, to show me how to get to that place yet unknown? That place where in my dreams is revealed but in life is classified.
My biggest pet peeve... Is when people don't text me back.And technically God isn't a person,But my point still beingThat for days I've been impatiently pacing these maroon sanctuary floors,
To which are you referring   The lines that you are blurring   The hands unheld and the tears untouched   Hungry, hurting, hopeless  
I can remember the day that I was saved Inside of my heart I was totally enslaved The devil had a complete total hold on me And there was no way out that I could see Nothing but a continual dark heavy night
-> I first crafted this verse at a deeply reflective point in my life. My thoughts were on the past actions of myself and those close to me, and I began pondering the driving force for those actions.
Lord, I know I’m nowhere near your model image For what a good human is I come here with nowhere left to turn Exiled from my home
Mama keeps telling us to wash the dishes. I am lying here, with my young dumb stuck in slumber mind, thinking why Mama just did not do it herself.
The refreshment of man,  comes not with me, but rather we. "We the people" all after the liberty, freedom, and pursuit of happiness rumored we deserve. With ambitions to gain what we know little about. Take now. Learn later.
We are bornwe are taught to survivewe procreate, we teach,and then we die. Chains of a Biblekeep us in prisontrained to believein a false wisdom.
Who shall I praise in my moment of glory  Who shall I praise in my moment of pity Who shall I praise when I need to be happy Who shall I praise when I cry like a baby Who shall I praise when I don't know who to be
i am a selfish being, with words that amount to nothing but between the lines you will find i am a crack within the human race.and for so long i begged for you to speak loud enough to hear.
Live life Give strife Repent sin Through thick or thin Show them love  Through Him above Lead them all Before we fall Show Him off Before last cough Guide them well
Are you real? Are you honestly here for me? Always by my side? Forever my shepherd guide?   My mom tells me to pray,
Stone cold science was what you were until year three of Evangelical bible camp. In the two weeks since we last scoffed at bible thumping  jesus freaks and  basked in the glow
Holy, you say you are Worship the Almighty God Praise Heaven above the stars However, you believe you are not flawed   You are quite the preacher No evil, have you ever done
Im slamming through these rhymes like it means nothing, Some say its a crime, yet im not doing the time. Some say its intense, but I see it as common sence. Some say it comes from the heart, yet they dont know the start.
I wondered as I walked on Thinking, "Where am I going?" Don't we all wonder?   I wandered and pondered the question Wracking my brain  In an attempt to find Answers.  
Chill cinnamon rolls and cherry pie go down until I feel ill At a plastic table my siblings are resolute   Crusts of fresh white bread crack of the cue ball in another room
I. First-light   Eyes fly open and I light up a cigarette. Check to see…yep, still there.  I slowly unfurl My cramped wings, the slow rustle of feathers
Gambling is a sin, so never begin, Money madness makes it more maniacal, Stacks against itself the odds of real success, It should see it’s blessed, learn to rest well, Don’t send yourself to hell,
Fighting the weeps of sin, The devil has stolen from me. Scars from self inflicted injuries, Break the devil from my actuality. My flaws are seen so pronounced, But GOD believes i'm worth it. 
Sand in my pockets, skipping off my fingers, and stuck in my eyelashes, under my tongue and between my teeth.
Many wish to talk to me about the things I ought to be but understand I fought to be all the things I am right now.
  A single drop of water Soon became a stream I closed my eyes to stop the flow Was harder than it seemed   The stream kept going on its way Continuous it flowed
We are each called to serve the Lord With many gifts to us He's poured My gift of poetry I pray to use To give light to the world And light its fuse. I am a soldier of the cross
What happened to America? The land of the free, the home and the brave Now it just feels like we're worshipping idols Stuck in sin And we're slaves Marriage doesn't matter anymore Not to the world
Crawling in her crib, she was the main topic of discussion. Would she look the other way and pray to God; tell her father that she loved him?
We hide the smoke that lights the vicious days As tree tops block heat by burning green leaves. I raise my head and bring my hands to pray For the forgiveness from what He perceives.
Just because  4.0 knows the equations of quantum mechanics  Doesn't mean that he is smarter than 2.0 1.0 might not know the terminal side of an angle 
This gracious land beyond the seaForetold by prophets to be nearA land far better than you’ll be.   A time has passed but all I seeAre kingdoms lost–forgotten yet “dear,”This gracious land beyond the sea.
There are people who find solace in deathI find the angel's path sodden, indifferentThere are those who yearning to lose their breathBut stop themselves with the lord being reverent
We don't see what we supposed to see We only see what we wanna see
You can walk, you can run, you can climb, and you can fly high in the sky. But do you reach the Lord? You can buy many jewels, you can buy many riches, and you can buy any possession. But can you buy the Lord?
I sleep at night And wake in the morning Its more of a daily routine I hang with my friends And never make my bed What's the point anyways I Talk and Talk and never shut up
Inevitable as death, are smile will invert.While God shuns his eyes to unworthy souls not raptured.Addicts to flesh; never sleeping or at rest.Hunting to pray on the hunted ravenously tasting life at the pulse.
I am from the dry desertthe sands that dance in the windI am from the heat of the sunthat warms our heart at the time of warI am from the coldness of the winterthat settles in our hearts during tough timesJust because I'm a Muslim and and Afghan,d
No God, No Peace Know God, Know Peace Know Knowlege, Know Power No Failure, No Cowards Know Love, Know Pain No Pain, No Gain Know Ambition, Know Succes No Breaks, No Rest
Universal puppeteer, sink low to leveled eyes;
To them, i'm a queen. Gayly waving my wand, round and round. Bubbles: each worth a thousand points. No, a million points. The source of all power lies in a  Soapy sphere.
I'm living high on Paradise Where nobody cheats, and nobody lies I'm blessed to walk on streets of gold I'm doomed to walk these streets alone  
  Theories, religions strong and able. Flesh and blood sit around table. Pray, eat and go to bed. Pray once more before resting head. While doing so, one apologizes for lack of responsibility, Ability,
You set the mold Every day consists of pieces of you Differentiate life lessons and sheer misery I’m unable to see That words can mean more than deceit This can't be all that’s around me When you awake
Faith... Grace... Mercy... Salvation... Redemption... I am told that I have these things. I am told that these things are given. Free. Free of charge to me.
Though we have many strengths and skills having imperfections is always real some of us may need pills while others don't need any thing but an appeal   We have to embrace the fact that we are made
It’s really sad when someone feels that death is the only to finally find peace. It felt like I had hit a brick wall when I found out that you had taken your life.
If faith can move mountains and can calm a sea, imagine what would happen if everybody believed. Faith is a substance of things hoped for, not seen, so don't go looking as if it's an everyday thing.
My God, Will never leave me, He will never forsake me. He loves me like no other, He is my Bestfriend, My Father, My World, My Everything.
My mouth was a cathedral in which you loved to confess your sins. My thighs were the alter at which you knelt within,but it was never you who was supposed to be on their knees, as you told me. 
People living in poverty need so little to be happy, A single house Is known as a palace.
A ticket and a dream was all that she could see, An orphan, and hope for all that could be. Not even a hop, skip, and a jump away.   To arrive on a plan was more than they could ask for,
Blessed are the philosopherswhose dedications stained the eyes of humans staring up concrete obelisks,
  They have always asked us a question Judged us like a book cover And they expect us to answer   We’ve been through harsh times Of discrimination because of our skin
You Great Dividing Line, you stand so strongBetween two priorities of my life:Do I up my GPA and succeed in academicsOr do I find myself in Christ?
The world I live in is changing I can see that It’s like we pulled terror right out of a hat Our government is now more corrupt more than ever Promising us that it’ll all get better and being all clever.
The sewing of me Into my mother's wombwere precious momentsto you.
In a church, in a house, in a town, in a state We are just visitors no matter how long we stay. And when they start to ask questions, we pull away. We know that they won’t understand us, no matter what they say.
On words alone, you taste faith. On belief alone, you see the ageless. On lie alone, you feel nothing real. On truth alone, you hear a song. On visions alone, you are the fake seer.
what if God took away the moon?will we ever see the night sky the same or different?if so, what would be the difference?will the dark side of the earth be ever luminated naturally at night?would we be more dependable on light to bright the night? 
And as I looked up at the sky I asked to the heavens, "why were we given the earth, if you knew we were going to destroy it?" A bird flew The stars twinkled, the planets moved,
I walk, I sit my, back against this grain These words speaking bliss, penetrating every inkling of thought that is bound in my brain As the climatical moment fills my soul, I come upon recollection
Gun in his hand with his face to sky / Ashamed of himself, he started to cry / Freak, Homo, Loser, Gay / Venom-dripped insults everyday / Nobody knows what he's feeling at night / The pain he goes through, the internal fight / Pulled the trigger,
Dang, were do I begin Should I start the story of my sin? Maybe thats too broad but here I go Im not your average 18 year old you know Once upon a time a few years ago I was a bad kid, stuck on the below
Heads tilt sideways Eyes peering in Hearts beat to the same Rhythm.   Come with us Come with us They plead Lips glued upwards In a grin.   Hair is swaying
You got me thinking Of what’s out there and what’s inside You got me thinking Of how we came to be alive You got me thinking Of whether we contain a soul You got me thinking
Beneath the deep blue sky Lies the moon and sun Speaking of the many days In which are yet to come.   Listening to the silence Hoping that it stays But knowing that the peace
I breathe and live for the word of God. Church is my home and the bible is my foood. I read passages and learn about deaths, pets, and dangerous moves.
Swollen and aching, From this pain inside, This gift is magical, Growing and developing from deep within, Getting bigger, And stirng things up, Pulling on to whatever it can,
I paid for my sins with a couple our fathers Five Hail Mary’s and I didn’t even bother Wrapping up the prayer coz I didn’t see the point Church congregation I reluctantly joined
We try to find meaning in what is real,
Shoutout to the people who are always themselves, who stay true to orginality not caring who else,  is paying attention to way the look or the way they act,  and like having a life thats not staying on one simple track,
What is race? Does it tell us what to like? Does it determine our future actions? Or is it simply just something that pigeonholes us to carry the weight of the actions of our ancestors?
Look! Look! Look! Brown, hazelnut eyes Shutter and shift accordingly As long, unorthodox lashes brush away dust mites Teeth yellow growing green Tongue hairier than the green goblin's spleen
I watched as you, though you never knew, came humbly to this earth asking why, do we live and die and questioned at its worth.
Who decided that we the Church HAve been SO oppressive So bigoted, So wrong That now, we are always wrong? Who decided that the Bride Was so bad, so wild So broken That we aren't worth hearing?
You’re etched in my mind. Now be etched in my heart. Then nothing in this world Could ever tear me apart From Your love, Your Mercy, Your powerful hand. I want my life to be
In silence, she contemplated... planned and planned again, in the event that she wasn't successful She didn't know what was in the here-after... but she knew that it couldn't be worse than this...
The world is SPINNING OUT I have no utter doubt That history repeats itself And its happening now. Do you think for a moment That this would not happen? Warfare in the world
GIVE ME A BREAK! I’m kinda new to this, But I see how great your love truly is. I also see a crazy mess, And it’s bringing me distress. Kindness obsolete; And sometimes kept descrete,
I don't keep the worlds histories I don't solve the worlds mysteries And I am not their story keeper I am no mans scribe. That is not my life.
ink smeared onto palms touching smelling of slight rust and the ever present sweat sweat off of a workers back who comes home to find what? his wife sitting watching ellen asking questions why are you so tired?
We walk the Earth like we own it We live as if we can live forever Commit sins, show arrogance, and show no fear to anyone or anything
When I look at my reflection I see a strangers face in shame this image doesn't help my pain. My shattered heart can beat no more. I must keep in these bitter tears. Where is the light in this darkness?
I've always wondered why dawn cracks. Dusk doesn't, but somehow daylight is like lightning. Somehow the sun breaks things when it rises.
He has done such wonderful things for me Nourished,cared and protected me By his goodness and his grace He has everlasting love each step of the way
The old man she calls Father is swathed in female fabrics he cornered her in a dark confessional back facing to listen to her
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aching soul, wanting change, emptiness that burns, loneliness that make you week. gasping for hope and relief. wanting change, heartfelt repentance, loneliness depleting away,
The Feared Beast
Why are we ashamed to keep God in church on Sunday morning, maybe Sunday night or even a mid-week service?
Is it so hard to believe, For what you cannot see nor hear Is it so hard to believe That you can be touched by a spirit that is not their Is it so hard to believe If you close your eyes
A long time ago, where the seven rivers flow, there lived a man and his seven sons, where all the rivers split from a single one. The first son, Mammon always wants more. The second son, Amon
crumbling walls in a deteriorated village the sentiment builds by the minute and every minute a new tower fumbles. All it would take for the ending of this destruction is one hand to grab another
I’m looking at a generation of girls who reject the word beautiful. Who’d rather be pinned against a wall by boys whose names they won’t remember. They don’t want to remember. Girls who are afraid of butterflies
Like The Lord, I get bored, always gettin ignored, cause my words Have been poured down your vocal chords N you can’t afford To take what you stored To put toward for a new bulletin board
I ended up doing this for a school project.
Warm winds from the blue sky and singing of birds. It is true, God makes no faulty day. Oh so, there is a chill in the wind. It is true, God makes no faulty day. Nothing to woe, life needs the storm.
You can’t watch, follow, or listen to that Those politics full of evil whether you’re Republican or a Democrat Don’t listen to those unholy people, they are no good
A new life came into the world Happy tears, hearts filled with joy God just set another story to be unfold He set free an angel, this baby boy Another human being added to this fucked up society
You had me beside you We laughed We talked We were perfection… Up until the point where I was charmed into your words You came up with the idea And I had found a spot And together we dug
My only crime is my religion, So my sentence is severe; They’ll declare the death penalty To my presence on this hemisphere. They say I’ll have an impartial jury, In this Land of the Free,
Let the walls come crumbling down My heart is open to You My words speak of what to do I'm lost I'm scared I'm broken Give me Your word It'll comfort inside of me Nothing compares to Your love
His love His blood Our Father Our Savior His only begotten Son Jesus Sent from above He died for our sins Nothing Greater Than God's love He Rose From the dead
A mask of happiness, Hostile glances, Confused & timid - A bubble Translucent, vulnerable, easy-to-read, small. With one prick, it is gone. Every hand held taken back, Every smile erased;
Society is blinded This world lost its vision People saying God Forgot his own religion Hand over your heart To a flag that needs revision It just doesn’t add up We’re all products of division
When the others shut their eyes, I kept mine open. I thought about what it would be like to be minuscule, to climb on the statues in church. I thought about what could happen to make me stop kneeling. I always knew I was
(poems go here) The wind it sits, highly enthroned, Its voice a commanding power, Pulling over trees into prostrate positions, mocking humility. The wind, when edged voice speaks, Stridently spoken, bold-hemmed terms,
The golden streets of heaven above, all I've ever known is love, from a Father who poured out his life for me. Because of this I am truly free. My mother and father taught me to cry for salvation as my lullaby.
Society is only introduced to an oversimplification. No type of foundation. Never resulting in application. To often religion preaches we must do, Good works are not bad, but this is partially untrue.
rain on me lord lets shout your glory bend down in precious joy rain on me lord clean me of my sins drown me in a wave of holyness send a flood my cup runneth over rain on me lord
God saw that it was good, And he rested. A perfect world, But still untested. Free thinkers. Free willers. We ate the fucking apple-- Turned us into killers-- Killers of our God,
You say you live your life evangelically, But all I ever see is hypocrisy. Personally, I see you equally, But your thoughts of me, Are made judgmentally. You say that you love and talk to God up above,
You’re not above me you just judge me in the direction you think I ought to go. You don’t know me so don’t show me that you think you know my dreams No one knows more than the one who dreams,
Like a touch upon the heart He touched my hand. A feather, caressing my pain within. I fell apart.. I fell, melting through the tiniest all seams. Like that feather knew
On my path, I'm headed for hell Today, I snuck in God's house 'cause he don't know me that well But upon entrance a preacher caught me and called me by name He said "I don't know why you're here, but I'm glad that you came,"
Who are you to say I'm evil? Who are you to say I have no morals? Who are you to say we're wrong? Who are you to preach your song? Who are you to kick us down? Who are you to call me clown? Joking?
I hope to dance in a wide open field And spin around waiting for the rain to fall; No wish for an umbrella as a shield; Waiting for my lover's enchanted call. I hope to perform In a coffee shop,
Save me, Lord. You're the only one able. My faith seems to be dying. My Bible gathers dust. My list of trespasses grows alarmingly. My relationships are imploding. You're all I have left.
Ignorance is killing a man, a man with great potential. And this ignorance that I speak of, is coming down like torrential rain. There is no way to escape it, no escape plan.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me God’s love will never end I will honor Him being all I can be
I know it's wrong, but I am mad at God. The God that lets bad things happen. The God that let my dad leave me. The God that took my aunt away from; away from her kids. The God that let people hurt me.
Lying to the ones I love and dying in silence. Covering the carpet with blood. Switched over to autopilot. I speak and laugh day by day, but, the outlier on a graph, I'm always wallowing in pain.
He’s with you when you’re living your own Paradise, Your life driven by your own will and having God’s plan on Paralyze, Don’t seem to realize your Paradise is really a Pair of Lies,
The memory of your body Naked and glistening Contrasted under the cotton sheets Is to recall the grandiose of the stars Retuning to the humbling innocence of newborn planets And the substance of the human heart
Part I: Depression I can't help but see All this pain and sorrow Encircling me. When there's no hope for tomorrow, No love for the fellow Who needs it the most, All life seems lost.
Temptation, created by the one and only…true abomination He used to sit at heaven’s gate, before he betrayed our God and sealed his fate
Forgive me Lord for I have done wrong…You watched, You saw, You knew all along You stayed by my side…even when I tried to hide Now all I can do…is apologize to you and even that won’t make me anew
Deceiver of Men, Conjurer of Fools…I’m not scared of you No evil spirit or demon, for I have the Tools To take on you all…bring it on, for I stand Tall
Imperfection is easy to see, it is in every one of us…including you and me How to be perfect then? It will never happen…not what, not who, not where, not when So you ask why?
People in this world talk bad about others…I hope they realize we all sisters and brothers From our Father up in Heaven is where our words should be
I Knew a Man Once I knew a man once. He was a good man, He gave me somewhere to put my faith. Somewhere to go when I couldn’t see for the snow Blizzards swirling around our living room.
I have a voice. I have a voice that often toys with the idea of being loud, and like chips ahoy, which turned out to be cookies instead of chips, I’d expose my past shyness as simply a decoy.
I’ve always wanted to believe Mama told me you were everywhere And the pastors told me to pray So I wore your emblems Around my neck Around my wrists I stayed shackled and barred to your pews
He’s going for glory. She brought glory to her name. Is our definition of glory becoming fame? We use the term so loosely, like it’s another conjunction, Yes it’s a noun, it’s a verb, and sometimes and interjection.
In the ticking of clocks In pebbles or rocks In sunsets or sunrise In seas or skies In late night talks In lakeside walks In the busy street In a set of bare feet In fits of rage
The Other Side Egyptian. What does it mean to be? Me, I would not know any more than a fish knows to survive above water. How would I know?
My King has come, He is a wilderness that cannot be tamed. Satan thought he can play these games, But the Father roars and shakes His mane, and Sin is gone, it has been defeated.
When you think of Jesus what do you see? A man, a son, a human? To me he is more then a person A savior more like A preacher a teacher a friend But most of all a sacrifice
Broken, misplaced. At home, with no face. Blended into memories, No one will remember me. Adventures are lost.
When al is lost, and hope it seems, has left me here deserted. When friendship's cost, of life and dreams, have proved too much to pay. When solitude, and loneliness, are not enough to comfort.
Chicago shall rise again. This phrase, from ashes rose But I see a city again with flames rising high Not of fire but of hatred, racism and crime. A Chicago whose politicians are varied
Six thousand years Religion is still here A god still questioned A book full of lessons The future is planned By a very great man Over time I have learned The reason I have yearned
I've got this friend His name is Jesus He gave me a brand new life All because He loves me Ive got this friend His name is Jesus He died on a cross because All because He loves me
I didn’t believe in omens until that stumbling alcoholic of a curb outside of the Epoch coffee shop struck its drunk ‘screw you’ into Gus, my white Kia Spectra’s bumper on that apparently fateful
PHASE I I have big dreams with standards set high The same-old same-old, with me, won’t fly I live in a country whose president looks just like me Don’t know who he’s working for yet, but we’ll see
My conclusion, revolution, only solution Government pollution, prostitution, no given restiution Conisistent years of slavery, soliders die from bravery Veterans don't get the respect for what they get paid to see
There's nothing much I want to say, but I'll pour my heart out to you anyway. All I can think is no more talking. Only out of faith, we gotta keep walking. Never spoke a word to you before now,
Forgive me father for I have sinned Repent both for the friend and foe See the sorrow, the agony Sought to aid the misfortunate Diminished by bureaucracy So fists to cuffs, the guns appear
One brain for admission Two to commence the submission Three for a laugh track Four the media is out of whack Bashing is on my resume You want my soul, how much will you pay
Forgive me God, My lord and savior. For I have done things, opposed to your favor. But this you know, and this you have seen. So it is no secret- My soul is unclean.
(poems go here) Dear God, I've had a long day and I've been trying to pray, but the words on my mind, keep spilling out in rhyme. I know everything happens for a reason,
Walk down the hall and all I see is sin, Homosexuality, Lust, Where do I begin? Girls showing off their bodies to get stares from boys, Enjoying the dirty looks like their self-respect is a toy.
Lust, Hate, Coveting. Fighting the Devil for the purity of my soul. TV, Music, Books. Lust is made easy for a 17-year-old girl.
Brutal winters with snow falling ‘round But you don’t notice cause life’s got you down. God’s whispering in your ear, he’s giving you signs But you go around saying you’re “fine, just fine”. Why aren’t you listening?
This generation is desperate for you Lord, Lost in the ways of the world Misguided and misjudged, Without you, we become what we are called. We're in need of your love, We bow down at your feet
I don't know if I will ever be able to describe you in the way I truly experience you. When I think of you, I lose the words. I can only feel them. I know you aren't meant for me.
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I look right and left. To find my surroundings sky high of bodies, and I wonder why. Far off into the distance, I can see it, The Resistance.
Shame Brought on by ourselves In this sin-filled world We delve The wretched Fallen Angel Seeks to devour and continues To mangle BUT You Could always see And for those who believe
2100, Ma. can you believe? the people here finally found their way to God.we searched so long and- would you believe it- they just built a big long staircase up to the sky and there’s a
Every day in the hallway or when I’m sitting in class, Someone asks me a question about my religion. I’m happy to talk about it. Until the derogatory comments and assumptions slap me in the face. “My pastor said this…
(An Ode to my Hijab)
There is a girl. She has the whole world a head of her, watching her every move. Standing alone in front of everyone, Pounding her chest she rips her very own heart out.
Discrimination Five syllables more venomous than a rattlesnake bite. More painful than a little girl not getting her kiss goodnight. We all know what it is, Yet we act as though the impact is nothing.
I don't have an angels voice to sing you beautiful songs I cant tell you I'm perfect cause I do things wrong I cant say I'm the smartest person with words Because I get scary like little birds When trying to fly
They provide answers to those who are new, About questions of life, of faith, of love, As the old scurry from what they knew true.
I am free. free to fly free to cry I am not bound by earthly treasures nor do i give a second thought to those who fight with fists and fall to pleasures I do not, will not
Went before the judge and left with the guilty verdict of worshiping with moist lips but a chap heart.
“Forgive me/ they were delicious/ so sweet/ and so cold.” -William Carlos Williams
There is nothing that can keep me from believing There is no one that can change my heart I can say that the Lord is my Savior But are my actions following my words? My heart says I love my Heavenly Father
Oh, to find the slumber and peace that eludes me with every twist and bend of these unfamiliar streets I'm the sheltered homeless beneath the glass future that breaks more each second
Through the ages, people have learned to adapt to society however our own instinct won't let us be truly free there are bonds that capture our brains and hearts that lead us astray
casting a christmas pageant young boy softly chants “please, not judas”
Organization and age make things true: The indubitable, untouchable motto and slogan of our world’s understandably irrational population— A population that postulates a prescription of a promise for a better future,
I saw upon a dying street Beneath the trees' barren Humiliation, A young man (who reminds me of my grandfather) Raking all the leaves Into a sad pile And laughing, He sets it on fire
I wish to find myself among the angels, I wish to die a martyr, I wish for God to forgive my sins, And for the soft mold of forgiveness to cool my scarred hands, I wish that I could forgive myself,
We are the people of this world We are the people of America What are rights? Does rights have a color, a ethnic a gender, a race? NO Rights are something that is given but yet earned.
My God isn't her god, Isn't His God, Isn't your God. My God has a different name, a different form, and claim to fame.
Though very different God made us One. Gay, Gender confused, Bi We are One. Together we can protect Our brothers and sisters For we are One and for One we stand.
The world is on fire Amongst all the lies should we give into desire? For what do they yearn leaders so greedy can they not see us burn?
I know you play for keeps but my God does too. And I can guarantee he is much better than you. He loved me so much he died on a cross. What you bring to the table and what you have done is one in the same; all you offer me is loss.
I’m surprised I passed kindergarten I couldn’t help but to graffiti outside the hetero-gender defined lines Like an awkward categorization you attempted to force into a Venn diagram I never really overlapped
Welcome to this place Where judgment is our game We'll chew you up and spit you out You'll never be the same.
Faith; Such a simple word with much deeper meaning. How can we describe a vast concept with this small word? We are not meaningless, faith shows us that. What happens when the logic takes over,
It was never my intent to return to this place dark halls of betrayal, and lacking in grace Lustful intentions, like geysers of steam scald memories ‘neath mahogany beams
I'm told prayer gives you answers, I'm told it helps, I'm told there is someone listening. They say He cares, They say He actually does something, They say that He made us from His love.
Fields golden as the sun Bees buzzing up in swirls A blow of faint wind Sent silent whispers in my ears Leaves twirl with no fear Clouds dance as in slow motion Skies open with great intensity
If I could, if I should Allow myself belief In something greater Could I, should I? Will it help me to see? If I can, should I be Something greater Than I am? The world small at my feet.
I wrote this a few years back before my confirmation of my faith. Hope you like it!:
i'm not sure He'd hate me if I told one lie Stole one thing Judged one person Or hugged one guy
Time does not exist, only clocks. My body is a pendulum. The rubber soles ticking along the concrete so harmoniously as to measure out the perfect period.
The sun rolls down the crested hill, The light, it follows after. The clouds drift by as sandy dunes, The sky, it echoes laughter Of days well spent and friends well made, Of quests before and yon.
You have now brought this new plate Plate of Gold, that no one else but I can Hold You have now brought this new light A light so powerful, not even darkness can contrite For you have NOW brought this new happiness
Walking into a coffee shop I see an old man Dark black suit Great white tie Golden gloves on his hands
I can't sing but the way you make my heart feel is wonderful and I cant dance but the way you make my body feel is beautiful but you can't run your hands through my hair with your fingers
Do not put down my ideas, Just because you do not agree; Do not shun me, Just because you refuse to see; Do not attack me, Just because our thoughts differ from each other;
There's Something in the sky Just because the lights turned off when a car went by. There's Someone to share the pain Just because you heard a name in the rain.
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