Interpretation of "Incantation and Dance"

The forest air 

floats heavy in the trees 

the ground illuminated 

by it, a gothic chandelier 

moonlight dances on the cauldron 

with contorted contents to puppeteer 


and so it cooks 

forms a ravenous thick fluid 

the molten river flows 


then consumes 


a tree is swallowed and the others begin a cry 

and then 

the whole forest  

static plays in the background 


hollow bones begin to tap 

then sing


the river transforms once more 

as a triumphant beast 

from a satanic horn 


it hushes soon after its born 

then it plays

and dances 


the earth turns into waves at its rhythm 


the gothic chandelier returns 

to see its creation 

the beast grows disturbed 

and plays the horn 


old bones return

and play new notes 

the beast is quiet 

and dances muted 


he wakes up for a second 

remembering his creator 

and blasts 

the returns 


the chandelier watches over 


with a snap 

the beast is back 

to stay painfully awake 

its beautiful terrifying swan song begins 


he dances to it for the last time 

in defiance of the chandelier 


they fight   

and clash 

three times 


the impacts create symphonies 

one last cry echoes 

and they combine 

into nothing  

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Our world
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