Where is God

In the ticking of clocks
In pebbles or rocks
In sunsets or sunrise
In seas or skies
In late night talks
In lakeside walks
In the busy street
In a set of bare feet
In fits of rage
In an old lion's cage
In a loud battle cry
In a swollen black eye
In a hole in the wall
In the police phone call
In red parking meters
In empty theatres
In a soldier's fears
In the widow's tears
In silent church rows
In reality shows
In library desks
In girl scout vests
In bottles of pills
In one dollar bills
In a broken toaster
In a bar coaster
In windshield wipers
In a gang of bikers
In stubbed toes
In a bloody nose
In the playground slide
In a long car ride
In laughter or smiles
In grocery aisles
In ketchup stains
In paper chains
In break-up letters
In Christmas sweaters
In tattoo parlors
In the notes of a scholar
In a fragile man's grip
In an IV drip
In dog-eared pages
In living room stages
In support group meetings
In family greetings
In fresh baked cookies
In chain-smoking bookies
In panic attacks
In pressed navy slacks
In scribbles and notes
In holiday floats
In an unraked yard
In a birthday card
In a Persian rug
In an ungiven hug


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