Pagan Past

Searching the skies I found a light

That could be the key to my soul's flight

A mutual embrace with a knowledge of right

To take me out of and reverse my plight.


Longed-for comfort through clouds of pain

But sunny days bring the concrete again

So goes inspiration down a distracted drain

Muffled voices of a elemental strain.


Flashes of what could be my fire:

A world of surrendering to desire

Dancing around a blazing pyre

So the Universe will us inspire.


Images of a spurned life tease:

Meditation through a tranquil breeze

Divine joy infused in wondrous teas

A serene soul without falling on your knees.


Pragmatic life and self-consciousness lead

To a soul bereft of basic need

Watching what I gained slowly recede

Torn by the desires for which I plead.


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