Ignorance and Stupidity are Not Mutually Exclusive.

So, tell me,

When you speak, does the world hear you?

What do your words say?

About your character? What do those words tell?

Because what I see,

Is an inflammatory person who,

Doesn’t inform his opinion before spouting off about being gay,

Or about politics, education, and even my heaven and your hell.


I can’t listen,

To your uneducated opinion,

So quickly given.


All those words you mismanage,

You have no advantage,

Or anybody else just because you have verbal vomit of the mouth.


You don’t always have to be kind,

If your logic is sound,

Because being “politically correct” is to be trapped your mind,

With no way of being found.


If you have something truly important to relate,

Something truly important to debate,


Speak up but talk low,

Because the world is already shouting,

You won’t be heard if you shout too,

Allow your perspective to grow.

Then you can go on outing,

Your view, and it’s true,


That you’re allowed to have an opinion too, don’t get me wrong,

But your logic is missing, like the words in pop songs,

Quickly now, go and find,


Some shred of respectability,

Because the things you said about disability,

Are deeply revolting.


I feel my brain cells commit suicide,

When I hear the ignorance of the sheeple,

Coming through a society that can’t abide,

By common sense with the words that they say to other people.


Now, that was only my opinion, you see,

And I will admit gladly,

That I am no better or worse than you are.


I too am quick to speak, but I also listen,

I let the silence around me glisten,


With beauty, before I break it,

Believe me, I can’t fake it,

I can’t pretend that I don’t speak my mind too.


But the biggest difference between us,

Is I let my Lord and God Jesus,

Do the shaping of the prose in my head,

Before I put it down to be read,


I make sure it will bring only glory,

To Him, the one whom I share my story,


We need to let God take the wheal,

Because we know for sure he is real.


We need to minister,

In order to destroy that sinister,

Evil that sticks around to destroy us,


That uses the words of people like you,

Who have yet to be saved, who haven’t accepted Him into their heart,

Who don’t know God yet, haven’t flown under His wing,

So we must take it upon ourselves to do,

On Earth as it is in Heaven, for it is our job to cart,

In the sheep of the Sheppard, to let the Lord’s mercy ring,


Within the words we sing,

Within the words we bring,


To the table, not in the ignorance you spout.

We have to find that route,


That will allow us to reach deep within the people’s souls,

And plant the Spirit, to fill their bowls


With the gospel, with the love

That shines down on us all from above.


So, tell me,

Because when you speak, did you know that He hears you?

What does your heart tell you to say?

What about your character? What does it mean to you, will you tell?

Because what I see,

Is a lost soul who,

Doesn’t have Jesus in his heart, who doesn’t pray,

Do you know where you will go when you die? Will it be my heaven or your hell?


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Our world
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