Because of you

Wed, 02/17/2016 - 19:29 -- Klenton

Looked at the clouds yesterday

They put a smile on my face

All I could do was think of you

And all the things that you do

Like how you take my pain away

You brighten up everyday

As the days go on and on

I think of verses and I think of songs

How you shed blood for me

So I can live eternally

You’re most important to me

That’s why I put my faith in thee

I cried at night up in my room

Questioning you and all you do

Not knowing that my faith grew strong

Because you were always there, carrying me along

I live and breathe because of you

Your words are pure, your words are true

When I was ill and didn’t know what to do

Your power and strength pulled me through

That’s why I cannot live with you.




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