And time can shape belief


United States
40° 56' 14.352" N, 124° 1' 52.5576" W

I watched as you, though you never knew, came humbly to this earth
asking why, do we live and die and questioned at its worth.

Merely it, and a touch of wit, had set your eyes to see
the truths of man, like sinking sand and that’s when you found me.

And for a sign, you’re sure to pine, but you ought not forget,
the silly goals and rituals that your forefathers set.

I dare not say, how yesterday when your people sought to know
who poured the rain, the sky a drain, to make your gardens grow.

How you would try to justify what you couldn’t understand;
how an oceans surf does know its berth, putting limits on the land.

Shan’t be a sin, if I do grin at a heartfelt reminisce,
Of when you used to say, “Oh gods of day! Forgive us our remiss”.

Or wars you waged, all in my name, oh how devout you were.
Millions slain, by the mark of Cain, but did you and I concur?

And I don’t recall, if I at all, to your requests replied,
for manifests to conquer west, or sanctioned suicide.

Give me this last, if none at all, to send you on your way,
with too much thought, you’ll find me not, and I am here to stay.


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