Youth Ministry


Out of school to start a-new,

My fresh gained knowledge is sure to brew.

I’ll be going out to spread his word,

Making sure that his voice is always heard.

From school to Youth Ministry my path will go,

So that I can be his instrument for others to grow.


Through service, love, and worship,

His light will shine like a city on a hill.


This light shining, his call urgent,

My job being to make lives resurgent!


This path will be tough, as there are those who doubt,

But with his help, I will sprout!

Up from the ashes, reborn for him

I’ll spread his word, causing rejoice and a hymn!

Tough times there will be,
Questions of faith, regret, maybe even poverty,
But with the Godhead, three-in-one,
I have support from the Father,spirit, and son!


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