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The voice of the clock ticks

As I sit & think

My time begins to shrink


Sitting in a room full of desperstion & need

Trying to put all the beeds onto one string

As if you would be that last puzzle piece to finish the dang thing!


Then I pause. . .

And think of the man who started it all, BECAUSE!

He loves me


I realize that humans hold lies

But the REAL lyes within you

My God there's no one greater


As the clock still goes

Jesus is the only one who knows

So I wait. . .


For goodness sake

Yes, I wish I had a man to take me on a dinna date

But. . .

I will wait


For the man that you send to me

And knowing you

He's gonna look like a beautiful symphony


I will know he is sent to me

Because premarital sex will not be in the question

Not even a slight suggestion


We will praise your holy name father

On one accord

Cause we can't AFFORD to lose sight of you


But until we meet

I will wait

Because all things in the name of Jesus are far beyond great

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