The beauty of the deen.

Could you love one whom you've never even seen? Could you cry for an ambition you've never even believed? And do you let one touch you with a love so deep that it can never be dreamed of, and do you fall from a building knowing no-one on this earth will ever care to believe that ... Someone like you would ever be this obscene to think that this life is not a dream.Please don't leave with a heart so cold that even Allah subhana wa'tala can't  even breath into you the warmth of this deen .. And crying for help because a young brother once told you he'd love you like a mother loves her children , buys you diamond rings and tells you how he's gonna get you an him a place to live in ,with the money he owes of his mama and papa and treats you awful cause he got you wrapped around his little finger but you can't say no cause you love him and you say this thing aint like these little flings , but sister Just listen please! Don't give into the temptations of this life that you only merely received as a test to see if the faith to you was more than a cultural inheritance. Don't be afraid to cry after you've been leading a life full of sin , because the one who creates forgives with a kiss of mercifulness , and a touch so tender that when you go into sujood your heart bleeds with fear and guilt. You look around your shoulders feeling the presence of those precious wings,hear the adhan and feel a shudder making you cry over and over..again you don't need to please but the one that told you that he loved you before you loved yourself, the one who helped the poor find happiness with little to nothing whilst you had your wealth.The one who let rain fall on the most deserted places where crops began to fall. Nourished you inside your mums belly after she cried for 9 months on beck and call.Nothing is promised ya muslimeen , and no sin is forgotten but can be forgiven.prostate to your lord and remember the days that he was there for you when you had forgotten.
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