Hebrew names

This boy is one for the history books


I never met a man to make you love him and once he got too close his hands flicked away . His mind cannot function so it shuts down. Blocking any trace that may lead to love so strong .For something he couldn't understand was too much


Maybe it was the goodness

The fear of having something  amazing

So going back to sin

Kisses another woman not finding  pleasure in his soul

For living in carnage is not enough

He is jewish

And blames it all on this

to not be with the one you have been giving your heart too.

But that is not it for he has blood but doesn't have the skin

He has the book but doesn't read

Too see light and go back to your horrid ways.

To abuse the ones you loved

Saying hurtful things


Adonai knows I saw good

He knows

But out of nowhere he turns into a snake

I would be a fool to follow this blindly

For the power of  his grief is too strong for human love to break

And I didn't give up

For I cannot force myself to play with hate when one is about love

I'm sorry that something made you grow cold from the inside

You cannot thaw a man without god

For his heart has grown too cold

For you cannot fix a man

For that is in God's will

For a man needs the eternal guidance of his creator

But I pray for this man

For I have seen good in his heart

For it had slithered away being held prisoner asking for guidance while the hardness of  his prison chain around his heart says no

So we go carrying pain

Thinking lust will fix all

Adonai I ask for you to rid this man of this

For I have seen good in a man's heart

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Our world


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